Oxsico Plagiarism Services Offers Custom Features to Suit The Needs Of Various Types of Organizations

Oxford Similarity Checker is pleased to introduce its AI driven professional plagiarism checkers to help organizations, universities and individuals combat plagiarism. Understanding that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to checking for plagiarism and similarities online, the online plagiarism checker has adapted its services to meet all expectations. While Oxsic.com is meant to simplify the plagiarism checking experience for bloggers and content creators, Oxsico.com is designed for educational institutions and Organizations.

The emergence of the internet and the widespread use of mobile and desktop devices have made it very easy to plagiarize people’s work. Plagiarism while so commonly found in scientific papers, assignments, essay and report writing is not only limited to the academia. It virtually exists in every field. Content writers and bloggers are also faced with getting their ideas stolen as it is readily available online. Oxsic was specially designed for small organizations, bloggers, teams, and individuals who would like to easily check for duplicate content. Comprising more than 14 trillion scientific, academic, popular and many other genre articles, indexed websites as well as papers and 20+ million unique user documents, no matter where the text is copied from online, Oxsic is sure to find it out.

Powered by the same technology and equipped with Artificial Intelligence to help make detection extremely precise, Oxsico is best suited for universities and organizations. The tool allows for easy delegation of responsibilities as administrators can seamlessly set up a custom administrative structure for plagiarism detection and prevention within a few minutes.

Both systems are programmed to detect, fully understand and analyze text from as much as 128 languages. Other features available to both tools include:

• Paraphrase detection – Easily search and find paraphrasing (a more enhanced form of plagiarism) in documents efficiently
• Hidden plagiarism detection – Whether it is artificial quotations, letter alteration, invisible symbol insertion or a bunch of other techniques used to fool the eye as well as plagiarism checking software, Oxsico will easily detect it.
• Effective plagiarism scoring – Quickly evaluate the severity of plagiarism in any document. Find out how bad it is and how to get it fixed.
• Identifying Plagiarism risks – Find out if the text can be labeled a duplicate or copy
• Extremely quick plagiarism verification – Get your results in quick time, both tools are proven to be 10 seconds faster when compared to competitors.
• Extensive plagiarism reporting – Discover all the threats, risks, evaluations and everything that could help in improving the paper or find out its true origins.
• Personal database – Every user gets access to a private database for their own use. They can easily upload and delete documents on demand for full control of the system.
• Automated alerts – Simple customizable alerts when plagiarism is detected or any other event happens
• Flexible Payment Plans and Pricing: Both tools offer very competitive and flexible payment plans and pricing. Users are sure to find a deal that will meet their needs

Boasting over seven years of experience, the infrastructure that the Oxford Similarity Checker is built and developed on has been successfully operating and preventing plagiarism worldwide for over 2500 days. The company is always looking out to improve its services and become the go-to tool for plagiarism eradication. It understands that creating software that is functional enough, versatile in terms of adaptability and satisfies the needs of every business (no matter the size) is a continuous task. As a result, Oxsico is always prepared for unexpected or expected changes and are always ready to implement the latest technological advancements to provide an unrivaled service for its customers.

For more information, visit http://oxsico.com or http://oxsic.com

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