Sami Habib explores all 7 continents in his amazing World Quest

Bay Area resident made his goal of traveling to all 7 continents. To most people traveling from San Jose to Sacramento might be a long trip. But not for Sami Habib. He has checked off another amazing item off of his super creative and long bucket list. Many might also say that itʼs easy these days to travel the world.

You can go on your mobile device and search travel options and purchase a ticket to anywhere in the world with a click of a button. Itʼs easier said than done. Each country that he visited gave him more passion in his life-long mission. Sees the beautiful wonders of the world has kept him energized and motivated to keep going and going and that’s what he did.

Sami Habib insider said that heʼs going to do a round 2 and even a round 3. Because there are so many destinations out there in the world. To see everything in the world would take a lifetime of travel. But what a good start to have. Also once you have been to places outside your norm itʼs easier to just get up and go.

Since he set his amazing goal Sami Habib has inspired many others to follow similar goals. I think itʼs ok to just get up and go at any time. If you can do it of course. In our current time many are over worked and have stress related issues. So, a little trip here and there might do you some good.

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