Sami Habib is honored by Bay Area elite

Sami Habib has gotten many awards in his life time. Awards for top sales person and top marketing manager. Even when he was a child he would get awarded for his excellence in school and how he is a role model. But this one is a big one. Getting accolades from people that are the top of the top is a whole other ball game.

This year has been a very fruitful year for Sami Habib a prominent Bay Area Business man. Managing multiple companies is not a small fete. You have to be smart, cunning, hard working and most of all loved by your teams. Sami Habib has all of the above checked off. Being the Who’s who for real is not easy.

Sami Habib has Managed Companies that place the mark of excellence so high reaching it might seem impossible. Bay Area owned and managed companies come with its own set of challenges and Sami Habib has most of the answers. Every year since the launch of this elite and very private group of entrepreneurial companies started the honor program everyone involved have hoped for this title. It’s a very rigorous and independent process that evaluates their management skills and practices.

Sami Habib proudly maintains the highest level of distinction as a Platinum star amongst them. A designation bestowed upon companies with an established track record of excellence within the Best Managed program.

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