Running Clubs, Health Awareness & Better Reflective Safety Gear Contribute To Rise in Running & Jogging Across America

Awareness of Both Health & Safety Issues Helps Boost Numbers of Runner & Joggers Year on Year

In a recent report on the state of running and jogging in America over the past decade showed that Americans are getting on the move and that people are, in increasingly large numbers, getting out on the roads and trails to better their health via running or jogging. The total number of runners and joggers has increased from 24.7 million in 2004 to an estimated 42 million by the end of 2013, the last recorded statistics. Running clubs and better health awareness are two of the contributory factors towards these higher numbers.

In a statement by GlowGuard, the safety gear manufacturer, they also cited the awareness for good safety practices as a contributory factor saying that while the numbers of runners have doubled, the improvement and better use of safety reflective vests for runners has helped to curb an equivalent rise in vehicle accident related incidents that would have been expected due to the rise in participation.

A spokesperson for GlowGuard explained, “The rise in numbers of people getting out running and exercising is amazing. I think health awareness has been fuelled by today’s social media and the number of running clubs available to people. Now they can get encouragement from the start to help keep people going. As with any activity that you do outdoors, be it running, jogging, cycling or even just walking, safety issues are always a factor. As a reflective safety gear manufacturer we are sure that the improvements you now find in reflective running vests in terms of their quality of design and the materials that we use today has not only helped to keep people safe on or near the roads but has helped do so without hindering the enjoyment of the experience.”

GlowGuard is the manufacturer of The GlowGuard Reflective Safety Vest. The vest is made from a highly visible yellow mesh of 3M Scotchlite material to provide 360 degree visibility when worn. The vest is a one size fits all adjustable design able to be worn over loose clothing to provide visibility at distance for people when they are running, walking, cycling, jogging or working in close proximity to vehicles. Additional benefits of the GlowGuard safety vest include an additional pair of reflective strips that can be adapted to be worn as wristbands or around the ankles for increased safety. The vest includes an integral pocket large enough to fit valuables as well as an iPhone 6S or equivalent Android Galaxy S6.

The spokesperson continued, “GlowGuard is always looking to support the running and jogging and walking community in anyway we can. The rise in their numbers means we have to continue to stress the importance of the safety issues involved in running and jogging in the vicinity of traffic. We will continue to promote the safety message so that everyone is able to enjoy their exercise and stay safe at the same time.”

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GlowGuard is the manufacturer and sole distributor of GlowGuard Reflective Safety Vest. The vest can be purchased on Amazon USA.

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