Versatility of LED Safety Lights Gets 5 Star Reviews from Amazon Customers as Successful Launch Announced by Life Style Lytz

Bike Light, Runners Safety light, Dog Walkers et al, All Give LED Safety Lights the 5 Stars Thumbs Up

In a statement today by LED safety light manufacturer Life Style Lytz they announced that the launch of their new safety lights had been a complete success and that they were extremely pleased with the feedback they had received from customers about the product. They pointed to the versatility of the LED lights and the number of different uses the lights has been employed for as a major factor in the success of the launch.

A spokesperson explained further, “Before the launch we were unsure as to whether the versatility of uses that the safety lights could be used for would be a beneficial or detrimental issue. When you have a product that serves as a bike light, a safety light for runners, joggers, hikers and walkers or when it can used on a book bag for kids going to and from school or a dog collar when you are walking the dog, you wonder if people will think its not for me. What we have found though, in what we can only describe as some of the best reviews ever, is that the number of uses found by customers for the lights has been unlimited.”

The Life Style Lytz LED Safety Light 2 Pack contains two lights of 2 1/5 inches in length. Each light contains five LEDs for maximum visibility and has three different settings to allow for continuous use as well as slow and fast strobe effects. The pack also contains 2 Velcro straps for fastening plus 4 CR2032 Lithium batteries which provide up to 70 hours constant use or 96 hours strobe use. The pack also contains a mini screwdriver for changing batteries when needed.

The spokesperson continued, “When you launch a new product, the old adage that the proof of the pudding is in the eating, means you are never sure of the success of the efforts of your designers, manufacturers and customer service team until you hear back from your real customers. Now that we have had their responses we can officially allow ourselves to announce the launch a success.”

Here is a selection of customer review comments;

I know these are advertised as LED bike lights, but we have been using them for everything but! Our dog likes to go out for his last check of the property when it’s perfectly pitch black outside except for the light of the moon and stars. Clipping this onto his collar helps us keep track of where he is and see that he’s still moving and not getting into any scrapes with the black bears that have been making an appearance. I like that there are several settings for controlling the lights. (We quickly found that the dog didn’t like it flashing!) Since it was a package of two, we are trying many different ways that these can be of use. My husband would like me to keep one in the car in case we have to pull over on the side of the road in the dark. It would certainly alert oncoming traffic that you are there! I’m planning to use one to mark our campsite at night so that we know which site is ours as we return from the facilities and are not shining a flashlight onto every tent as we get closer to our site. (Yup, we are “those people”.) We have tried clipping this to our waistband when taking our evening strolls in case we get caught up in conversation with neighbors and are heading home when the sun is setting. People driving cars have certainly given us adequate space. When we had it flashing, someone asked us if we needed help or were just out for an evening stroll. Maybe red is too much a sign of a potential emergency?

Any way you choose to use these LED lights, I’m sure that you will get noticed!”

These are great lights! I take my daughter for rides in a bicycle trailer and it has reflectors but I was looking for something with higher viability and these are perfect. Two of them means I can put one on each side and they work great and really are very bright. They come packaged very nicely and worked right out of the box. A great product and a great purchase.

I loved how this works. Very handy came in with batteries. Good bright lights and reliable.

As the weather gets warmer, my son has been staying out later riding bikes and such with his friends. I’ve been so worried about him on his bike at dusk and later, I began looking for a solution. I found these on an Amazon reviewer affiliate at a discount and figured I’d give them a try. I’m so glad I did!! These lights are great for a number of reasons. Firstly, they have an on/off button with options for extended or flashing lights which further increase visibility. Batteries are included and last a few hundred hours – another benefit of the on/off button vs just just reflective tape.
Ok, here’s where it gets cool. These aren’t just for bikes! The whole family can use them – even the dog! Whoever is going out at night and needs to be visible to oncoming traffic. There’s a jaw type clip attached to the back of each light so you can easily attach and remove it from: bike spokes, coat lapels, belt loops, dog collars… Anything you can think of really! Kids come home from their bike ride, mom takes the light and clips it on her jacket for her run, and returns home to hand it off to dad so he can walk the dog! Great gift or stocking stuffer for everyone in the family or just get one pair to share. Very convenient.
I have to say though, what I found most impressive was the design. Really well thought out. Included in the purchase are two Velcro straps. This is really brilliant because it increases the amount of items you can attach the lights to! Kids today are riding all sorts of scooters that have nowhere to attach safety equipment. So many of these lights attach to the spokes of bikes which is great if someone is coming towards you perpendicularly, but most traffic is ahead or behind! These straps wrap around the handlebar or frame of the bike so you can attach the lights exactly where they are needed. I’m just really impressed with any company that takes the time to really think through their customers needs and designs their products accordingly.”

The Life Style Lytz LED Safety Light 2 pack is launched exclusively on Amazon USA and for a limited time during its launch it may be purchased at a discount to its RRP, (Recommended Retail Price).


Life Style Lytz is manufacturer and distributor of The Life Style Lytz LED Safety Light 2 Pack. The packs can be purchased exclusively on Amazon.

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