Rudraksh Cap-tech Limited to become the First Listed Company in India to Auction Stamps, Coins and Newspapers

After becoming the first numismatics and philately company to be listed in the BSE, Rudraksh Cap-tech now has plans to be the first in India to begin auctioning off their collection.

Very recently Rudraksh Cap-tech had declared the good news that they had become the first ever numismatics and Philately Company in India to become listed in the BSE, reports have been made that they are also planning on being the first ever listed company to do auction in stamps, coins and rare newspapers in India.

The director, Mr. Anirudh P. Sethi, an important part of the company and a visionary man has much plans for the company and is willing to take it even forward. The company also has plans to be listed in NSE as well as in foreign stock exchange. With their trial to become India’s first listed company to auction their collection, they are also trying to acquire the international Action house/ Philately Company.

The success of the company in the field is not just beneficial for the company but now all who are interested in numismatics and philately have a company to come to that is listed in the BSE. This will help in the growth of the community of numismatics and philately enthusiasts.

According to the director of the company, Mr. Anirudh P. Sethi, people are much inclined to invest on real estate, stocks and gold but an alternative investment on stamps can do a person quite well too. Mr. Sethi has been a stamp collector for 25 long years and has gained much experience in the Philatelic business which has brought forward the success of the company.

While the listing of the company in the BSE was a success, the company has plans to go much further with listings in NSE and Foreign exchange. They have a very clear idea about the importance of genuineness of the stamps and coins for collectors and have provided these collectors with a legitimate place to go to.

Company interested to buy Philately company  an interested to have own auction house too.

Interested to appoint Lead Manager to get stock listed at Luxemburg stock exchange.

About the Company: Rudraksh Cap-Tech Limited is a numismatics and philately company that buys and sells rare stamps, coins, medals, paper money, autographs, postcards, original photos, newspapers and more. Their collection offers unique historical reference material that has been retained with enormous care.

Cntact Details:
Kumar Acharya Narayan
Address :301, Camps Corner,
Opp. SRP Group – 4,
Near D-Mart, Makarpura,
Vadodara- 390010, Gujarat.
City ;Baroda ,State :Gujarat

Media Contact
Company Name: Rudraksh Cap-Tech LIMITED
Contact Person: Kumar Acharya Narayan
Phone: 919824055794
Address:301, Camps Corner, Opp. SRP Group – 4, Near D-Mart, Makarpura, Vadodara- 390010, Gujarat.
City: Baroda
State: Gujarat
Country: India