Royal Revelation: The Journey of Queen Helen and King Mamay Abdurajak

In an audacious and enigmatic revelation that has sent shockwaves through Southeast Asia and the global community, Queen Helen and King Mamay Abdurajak, the sovereign rulers of the “Maharlika Kingdom of God Lupah Sug Empire,” have invited the world to witness a momentous event like no other. This grand journey defies convention and promises to reshape the destiny of a region shrouded in mystery and an empire buried in the sands of time.

A Royal Legacy and Destiny Unveiled

Meet two fearless and extraordinary souls, King Mamay Abdurajak and Queen Helen Abdurajak, who enter the spotlight. Hailing from the heart of Maharlika (commonly known as the Philippines) and Malaysia, they embody the sacred history of an empire long hidden in the annals of time—the “Maharlika Kingdom of God Lupah Sug Empire.” Their mission is grounded in pursuing peace and prosperity for all of humanity, transcending the boundaries of time and space.

King Mamay Abdurajak of Maharlika Kingdom of God Lupah Sug Empire

King Mamay Abdurajak’s lineage boasts an enigmatic history, tracing his ancestry to the revered prophet Muhammad, the founder of Islam. This profound connection infuses their mission with cosmic significance, offering a glimpse into a reality that has long been obscured.

Queen Helen Abdurajak 

Revealing the Cosmic Truth: Video Interviews. To gain deeper insights into their remarkable journey and the cosmic implications of their mission, we invite you to watch these enlightening video interviews:

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King Mamay Abdurajak – Delve into the extraordinary journey of King Mamay, from his royal lineage to ascending to the throne, shouldering the weight of a king’s legacy.

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Gain a glimpse into Queen Helen’s pivotal role in restoring the empire’s rightful power and upholding the principles of wisdom, courage, and grace.

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Datu Puga, the head negotiator and facilitator for the MA23 (Maphilindo 2023), provides crucial insights into the legal aspects of their mission and shares forthcoming plans in a series of videos hosted by Galactic Goddess T.V.

Queen Helen Abdurajak &  Ama Ali – 120-year-old great elder of Maharlika Kingdom of God Lupah Sug Empire

A Journey of Restoration and Revelation: The “Maharlika Kingdom of God Lupah Sug Empire” embodies the tapestry of origin, where the once-wealthy empire extended its prosperity to various nations of the past. King Mamay Abdurajak, the Military Commander in chief, and Queen Helen Abdurajak, the head of the finances and organizer of leaders across the land, unite to consolidate the realm’s governance. They collaborate with the ‘caretaker’ Philippine government, working closely with Datu Puga, Secretariat of MA23 (Maphilindo 2023).

Datu Puga with Queen Helen Abdurajak

Their mission resonates with Cosmic Peace and Prosperity consciousness, poised to manifest a Golden Age where the dreams of a forgotten empire reawaken in the East. Challenges have illuminated their path, but their commitment knows no bounds. They have devoted themselves to a mission of profound importance, a beacon of hope for those who have long been marginalized, exploited, and overlooked by the powers.

A Legal and Divine Restoration

Datu Puga, the head negotiator and facilitator for the MA23 (Maphilindo 2023) extension of Maphilindo 1963 Philippines, plays a pivotal role in consolidating the Maharlikan groups that have united with the global Maharlikan Royal family. He emphasizes the significance of the legal aspects and shares insights into the upcoming plans.

King Mamay & Datu Puga, Secretariat of MA23 (Maphilindo 2023) 

The call is made to President B.B. Marcos Jr. of the Philippine government to recognize Maphilindo 2023 in collaboration with Queen and King Abdurajak. Their mission is to restore the monarchy’s governance, justice system, and judiciary in Maharlika (Philippines).

A New Dawn of Transformation: The era of traditional politicians in the Philippines is approaching its twilight. The power once wielded by these temporary caretakers of the Philippine government is destined to return to its sovereign rightful owners—King Mamay Abdurajak and Queen Helen Abdurajak of the “Maharlika Kingdom of God Lupah Sug Empire.”

Unveiling the “Heritage Account,”

The highly anticipated unveiling of the “Heritage Account” or “Holy Assets” represents a beacon of hope for the Maharlikan Kingdom and its people. It is poised to usher in the long-awaited “Golden Age” initiated by Queen Helen Abdurajak, potentially alleviating the suffering that has persisted for far too long.

Join the Cosmic Movement: A Call to Light Warriors

This is a unique opportunity to be a part of history as we join hands with King Mamay Abdurajak and Queen Helen Abdurajak. It’s a call for Light Warriors to step up and witness a “Disclosure in the East” reverberating across Earth.

Support Queen Helen Abdurajak’s Grand Mission

To be part of this monumental shift, send your support directly to Queen Helen Abdurajak and join us in shaping the destiny of our world. Your contribution, whether great or small, carries the potential to create ripples of change that will echo throughout time.

For support and more information, visit Maphilindo2023 Assistance or contact Datu Paduka Odilon Puga, Maphilindo2023 Secretariat, via email at or by phone at +63-956-889-1011.

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