Rotosurance, Injury Insurance Provider for Fantasy Sports, Nears its Launch Date

Houston, Texas – Even fantasy sports require insurance to help tide over unforeseen injures that can arise anytime. Rotosurance is a real fantasy sports insurance provider that is nearing its official launch on August 1. Rotosurance will offer insurance to the top fantasy sports players to get them quick funds and avoid incurring a loss of investment.

It’s fun to manage and run a fantasy sports team, but like in the real world, injuries can take their toll, and in the world of fantasy sports, it can be real financial loss when the team loses the league. Top players can be especially prone to injuries, and Rotosurance offers a one time, cheap insurance policy for them. The coming season is the time for safety and team protection with Rotosurance’s new offerings.

Fantasy sports teams have for long needed an affordable insurance coverage such as the one Rotosurance offers. Serious injuries to team players can take away bragging rights as well as make the purse lighter and even take a heavy hit. The small, one time insurance plans from Rotosurance can be bought for one or multiple players, and quickly pay back the entry fee in case of an injury.

The process of getting fantasy teams insured is simple. After the draft is ready, injury insurance from Rotosurance can be bought until week 2 on top players. The insurance coverage claim or the total investment is paid back if the insured player(s) are injured and miss out on more than eight games. Filing of claims is easy, and paybacks are done promptly.

Rotosurance will go live on August 1, 2017 for all fantasy sports players. Rotowire and the 2017 National Fantasy Football Association endorse Rotosurance. Website visitors can also subscribe to its special deals and the official Rotosurance newsletter along with more perks.

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