July 31st, 2017 Przewalski is currently running a promotion for their product Przewalski Mountain Bike Shorts (MTB) at almost 50% off the original price of  $49.99, now $29.95, and customers could get an extra 30% discount with coupon (coupon code: 8ZFUFIKV). The shorts have basic but timeless designs, which are composed of two parts, and may help the riders avoid embarrassment when they are off riding. These shorts are not meant for cycle riders alone, but people who love comfort can also wear them independently.

The idea for online an store for Przewalski was born in the early 21st century, when the internet was fasting taking pace and looked like a viable means of conducting business transactions. With the recent online store opening, the company is still dedicated to the same audience, the diehard cycling fans from around the world. Over the years, the company has developed a solid reputation for quality products, great value and exceptional services. They have sold their products to cycling fans in London, New York, and Madrid, and very soon to France, Germany, and Australia.

“Our company is always endeavouring to provide great but cost-effective garments for cycling-lovers, and we hope to save customers’ time to make choice – for we will be their best option.” These are words from Simon Lacrion, the company’s contact person. He further added: “we are as well concerned about the wellness of our customers and that is why our MTB shorts anti-bacterial and shock absorbent. They have padding that help minimize skin irritation and reduce friction during riding. The MTB shorts are also made of breathable materials with quick-dry technology. This doesn’t allow the material to adhere to the skin, and makes riding much easier”

The MTB shorts are indeed great. The shorts have the following other features:

  • REMOVE FAST UNDER LINER SHORTS with a breathable 6.5” Inseam internal Spandex under liner shorts that can be worn independently
  • 1.5cm thick elastomeric spongefilled in the inner part so that people can enjoy distant riding
  • Made of Cool Max fabric and arranged with air vents for the outer layer. This will make cyclists always feel dry.

In their bid to celebrate the Mountain Bike Shorts, they are offering discount and coupon for a limited time. Hurry and get yours. Visit the product links below:

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Company Name: Przewalski
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