RoTak Launches First-of-Its-Kind Precut S-Tile Critter Guards for Solar Panels

Las Vegas, NV – RoTak, a leader in solar panel aftercare solutions, is proud to unveil its groundbreaking innovation: the first-ever Precut S-Tile Critter Guards tailored for Spanish-style roofs. This pioneering addition to RoTak’s Pro lineup reflects the company’s dedication to offering complete solutions for solar panel system maintenance, safeguarding against damage from nesting pigeons and other critters.

Spanish-style roofs, known for their distinct S-shaped tiles, pose unique challenges for solar panel critter guard installations. RoTak’s precut critter guards are designed to fit snugly onto S-shaped tiles, effectively deterring birds, rodents, and other critters from nesting beneath solar panels. Made from durable, weather-resistant galvanized steel, these guards provide long-lasting defense without sacrificing the roof’s aesthetic appeal.

RoTak invites solar panel installers, homeowners, and industry professionals to explore its complete range of aftercare solutions, including bird spikes, solar panel cleaner, and critter guards.

About RoTak:

RoTak, a premier provider of solar panel aftercare solutions, offers a comprehensive lineup of products tailored to safeguard solar panel systems from critters. Alongside their newly introduced Precut S-Tile Critter Guards, RoTak provides specialized options such as RoTak Pro critter guards, designed for industry professionals seeking top-tier durability, and RoTak Lite, an ideal entry-level solution for newcomers or DIY enthusiasts. Complementing their critter guard selection, RoTak also offers bird spikes, solar panel cleaner, and a variety of related products to meet every aspect of solar panel maintenance needs.

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