Robert Murray and Bored Hospitality, The Future of Web3 Hospitality

Robert Murray is the founder of Bored Hospitality Group, an NYC-based hospitality group focused on community building with an emphasis on onboarding more women & minorities into web3.

June 10, 2022 – Robert Murray is on a mission to become an agent of change for the world through his passion for connecting people IRL through beautifully curated networking events and entertainment.

With a firm understanding of business development, cultivating fruitful relationships, and 20 years in enterprise technology sales, Robert is laser-focused on his next calling, Web3 hospitality.

In the web3 space, it is all about community. Robert’s primary focus is on bringing individuals together to foster meaningful relationships. With NYC becoming the global epicenter of crypto, Bored Hospitality Group is at the forefront, welcoming all crypto and networking enthusiasts.

Bored Hospitality Group’s events offer an immersive ambiance everyone should witness at least once in their lifetime. At these events, you never know whom you may network with; it could be a connection you’ve been meaning to make.

With strong ties to the Miami, Las Vegas, and Boston event space industries, Robert’s Bored Hospitality events are the place to be. Each event is at a different exquisite New York City venue. Sometimes guests are welcomed to captivating skyline views in Chelsea, and sometimes it’s an Art Gallery in Meat Packing or a Sneaker Shop in Lower East Side one thing is for sure one will never not be amazed.

You will find Robert doing what he does best at each event, making a point to get to know every guest and capturing what they are passionate about. He is always welcoming meaningful connections with attendees. “I believe there is a real need for each of us to connect and am committed to providing a platform to help us empower our communities while we collaborate with one another,” said Murray.

Ahead of NFT NYC, visitors will be looking for a place to debauch and memorialize the occasion. Luckily for them, Bored Hospitality is hosting an event that no NFT NYC visitor should miss.

Suppose you’re in town for NFT NYC. In that case, you should come to check out the welcoming experience Robert Murray and Bored Hospitality Group has in store. If not this one, then definitely the next one! Each event is a once-in-a-lifetime networking affair every web3 enthusiast should experience.

Anyone interested in learning more about Bored Hospitality Group can visit or @boredhospitalitygroup on Instagram. Robert can be found on Twitter at @bobbyblaze_eth or by email at

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