Roadlinx Inc. offering Shipping from Canada to United States

Roadlinx is now pleased to announce in-house warehousing and distribution ( Providing a full 3PL service, that can handle your entire logistics, from bringing it into storing, picking, and delivering it all the way to the end buyer.

As the proud provider of cross-border freight shipping from Canada to the United States; Roadlinx now wants to announce a readiness and willingness to take on more.  Determined to prove leadership in shipping, for anything from a simple “point A to point B” pickup, to much more complex shipping details, as well as having the equipment and resources to handle it all.

For several years Roadlinx has provided expert full service trucking (; however, Roadlinx is now about warehouse storage solutions, as well. RoadLinx is flexible about what you store, with no minimum or maximum limits. 

RoadLinx also has mobile storage trailers ( in which can be stored on your property,  allowing easy access to the storage contents while freeing up space at your primary location. 

Sometimes when fast isn’t fast enough, Roadlinx offers expedited international shipping (; expedited services are also available for domestic shipping.  What normally is offer as 2-day shipping, can be done in  only one day.  This is done by putting two qualified drivers in one truck, which provides the opportunity for  24-hour driving; this ensures that products are delivered safely and expediently. 

For more information on expedited international shipping, call the experts at 905-760-1141.

Roadlinx also offers warehouse storage solutions, which is available for long or short term; with secure and affordable options.  With not only facilities in Toronto—but also has warehouse storage available in over 200 cities across North America, with the following safety features:

  • 24/7 camera surveillance
  • Smoke detectors, fire alarms and sprinkler systems
  • Areas are fenced-in

Call one of the logistics specialists for more information on warehouse storage solutions at 905-760-1141, for a free quote.

About Roadlinx:

Roadlinx ( takes shipping seriously, and proudly serves the Toronto area with its transportation services.  The reputation of Roadlinx is based on being one of the top trucking agencies that make cost-effective, safe, and reliable transportation available for Canada and United States. 

Roadlinx is more than just a provider transportation services for Toronto.  RoadLinx  hires the best brokers, drivers, and technicians in order to be  able to serve Canada in the most efficient manner even during the most difficult shipments. 

The employees that work for Roadlinx are knowledgeable about logistics and have the ability to provide the best system to customers and the workforce.  An expert team is the reason RoadLinx is able to provide the applicable logistic answers to Canada’s transportation industry.

Roadlinx is committed to transportation in Canada, and by offering these options for specialty containers, expedited services and state-or-the-art tracking is proof of that commitment.  If you would like to learn more about Canadian Transportation from Roadlinx, call  905-760-1141 and request a free, no obligation quote.

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