The Art of Dentistry is Bringing Smiles Back in Style in Toronto

Premier choice for titanium or ceramic implant placement and full mouth restoration

Our mouths are kind of important. Without our mouths, we would not be able to get fluids or nutrients into our bodies without massive medical intervention. Also important is that a person’s smile can say a lot about a person’s mood and personality. What if someone has a happy, smiling heart but is afraid to show off the smile that goes with it?

The Art of Dentistry provides patients with a smile that refuses to be hidden. With cutting-edge cosmetic dentistry patients can receive implants that become part of the mouth and removable dentures are a secondary option. Titanium implants are rods that are placed in your mouth to replace root bases and hold your restorations in place as you live your life. The implant fuses into your jawbone to create a permanent restorative smile. They also offer Pinhole Surgical Technique.

If you have a smile you like but teeth you do not like to show off, porcelain veneers can breath new life back into your smile. Porcelain veneers are wafer thin “shells” that are custom fit for the individual teeth being covered. It is a different type of implant but the result is typically a stunning smile that can transform your entire face.

A full mouth reconstruction can be necessary and is the most intense treatment plan. It can involve implant treatment, gum treatment, full or partial dentures, and root canals. This is not something that will be recommended lightly as it is so intense. In the event that it is medically necessary each step will be explained and planned to be as effective as possible to ensure lasting results with minimal discomfort.

The Art of Dentistry is not only the premier option for reconstructive dentistry, it is home to the best in cosmetic dentistry. The goal is always the same, a balanced smile that will lead to good health and confidence when showing it off.

The first step is to schedule a consultation. You can get a virtual consultation to determine what you need for a visually brighter smile and an in-person evaluation to fix major restorative problems. Not everyone is a candidate for all treatments. Patients whose mouths have gone past the point where a dental implant will fuse have the opportunity to discuss a traditional denture option. No mouth is beyond repair, but how it gets repaired is different for every mouth. The Art of Dentistry understands that.

About The Art of Dentistry

Dr. Sol Weiss, DMD heads a team of highly skilled cosmetic dentistry specialists in Toronto. With a passion for giving people the smile they have always wanted, Weiss performs advanced dentistry procedures that take overall oral health into consideration. Comfort and safety are tantamount to such delicate and intensive treatments and are taken into consideration at every turn. Invisalign and teeth whitening are other services available at the center making it the best choice for full-service cosmetic dentistry.

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