Rich Capital Investment Attains Massive Profit in 2016

AI Trading System a Key Part of Its Success

February 10, 2017 – Rich Capital Investment has announced that it had an investment profit for the 2016 fiscal year. The profit for the firm was listed at around 192 percent in 2016. This is the highest annual earnings total that RCI has gotten since it first opened its doors in 2007. It is a sign of how effective the trading system from RCI is.

Much of this success is thanks to the company’s AI Trading algorithm technology. The AI Trading system uses artificial intelligence to identify projections in investments.

The AI Trading system is a key part of what helps RCI to help review forex investments. This uses millions of calculations based on prior events and stimuli to determine how investments may work in the future. This is a system that accurately projected what would happen to the markets following both the Brexit referendum and the United States election.

The AI Trading system was accurate enough in terms of learning prior behaviors and understanding how trends change that it had a massive profit following Brexit. It had a profit of 52 percent in one day in June 2016. This came not long after the Brexit vote passed.

Rich Capital Investment has been running an extensive forex trading system. The holdings company manages hundreds of millions of dollars with a total of about $500 billion USD handled in interbank trading volume in 2016.

Registration for services from RCI is available right now. Premium, Business and First Class packages are available. Individual programs are available based on the amount of money being handled within an account. Clients are guaranteed a profit of at least 1.8 percent per month with the total being higher for more high-end programs. A 3 percent referral deposit bonus is also available.

The Rich Capital Investment group is aiming to continue to improve upon its profits. The AI Trading system that it has utilized over the years is especially critical to the success of the program. The setup is made to help with improving upon how people are able to get profits thanks to the unique system designed to predict what may happen.

About the company:

Rich Capital Investment is a London-based forex investing holdings company. The firm is known for its AI Trading system and handles large amounts of money in the forex market every year.

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