Beehive 2.0 to Revolutionize Beekeeping and Apiculture with Non-Stick Framecowls and Boxpillows

Roldán, Spain – Beekeepers and apiculturists around the world will soon be able to switch to a most innovative concept in making apiculture more productive, bee-friendly and sustainableat the same time.  It’s called Beekeeping 2.0, and the product comes in the form of Framecowls and Boxpillows that are non-sticky and do not allow gluing of frames in propolis produced by the bees.

For the first time in the history of beekeeping comes a solution that makes life easier for the apiculture industry. Framecowls and Boxpillows are good for the beekeeper, for the bees and for the environment. Beehive framecowls are a new technology that protects the frame corners, making them easier to handle. Successfully tested in the US, Germany, Spain, UK and other countries, framecowls allow for better care as the keep the beehive open or disassembled for shorter times during inspection or honey extraction.

Propolis, the resin produced by the bees as a sealant, need to be controlled, and too many slots and holes lead to excessive propolis production. The currently used metal runners, spacers or plastic ends are not very ideal compared to the non-stick and eco-friendly framecowls and boxpillows. In addition, the new technology saves on time spend on daily tasks and does not majorly affect the bees during inspection.

All framecowls and boxpillows are made using food grade silicone, the same material used for making baby pacifiers. The material does not warp or become deformed, and can sustain high temperatures. Beehive 2.0 is meant as a long-term solution and in normal use can last for over ten years. The material can also withstand oxalic acid and other chemicals used for hive maintenance. The structures are entirely non-stick for not only propolis but also other substances found in the hives.

Beehive 2.0 is the first innovation in apiculture and beehive maintenance that carries a host of benefits. It prolongs the lifespan of hives and frames, keeps the control system unaffected, fits with most frames and hives, and is very easy to implement without modifying the hive or frames. The framecowls and boxpillows can be removed and reused, and are compatible with wood, plastic and polystyrene. For those who want to try out the non-stick technology, a universal little cowl is also available.

Framecowls and Boxpillows have been approved by veterinarians, consultants and counselors at the national and international level, as well as professional beekeepers in natural and industrial apiculture. Beehive 2.0 will offer crowd funding opportunities at its campaign page on Indiegogo for all the United States of America.

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