Restaurant Chef Consultancy in Qatar

Restaurant Chef Consultancy in Qatar

Restaurant Chef Consultancy in Qatar, Mohamad Najem Contact: +974 6603 0556
The Best in Qatar, Chef Mohamad Najem, in consultancy to create and develop your F&B business, Contact: +974 6603 0556

Chef Mohamad Najem, the number one in Qatar has started the consultancy many years back with his big experience in F&B.

Mohamad Najem has announced that with his consultancy services he will skillfully amalgamating the two distinct yet overlapping areas of passion and business; he will aid his costumers in transforming the culinary dream into a reality. And with the challenge of his new normal becoming the new reality, there’s no better time to develop new ideas, renovate and adapt. he will not just be working in a strictly professional capacity, but he will also be guiding the clients hand-in-hand to achieve the vision and reach the business goals. From the initial planning sessions to the final stages of implementation, CHef Mohamad will be right by your side. Whether the clients need of architects or hotel consultant, menu builders or web developers, his extensive network of contacts from around the globe presents the perfect opportunity to form the ideal team of professionals to execute the task at hand.

Chef Mohamad Said:

Restaurant and Culinary Concept Development

This area of expertise is meant for an out of the box approach to design, something that is usually missed or ignored by most other consultants. Each member of my team is from a different background and working together; these individuals produce the best possible results owing to the multiple perspectives and approaches that are applied. Whether it’s a culinary app that you need developed or healthy lunchboxes for school kids that you need to be designed, we have got you covered!

Restaurant Design

Chef Continue to say: my highly qualified and extensively experienced designers will transform your restaurant into a dream! As professional design consultants, we take into account not only the somewhat simpler design requests, but we also put to use our experience in the operations side of food businesses to align your restaurant to the highest of the culinary standards.To be specific, we will be optimizing your kitchen for not only space efficiency but also work efficiency. Furthermore, we will be making sure that the dining hall is acoustically friendly, that diner comfort is maximized and that the servers’ needs are accommodated to the fullest. Our consultants have spent years working on restaurants and kitchens, and they know what to do in order to make your business shine like never before.

Chef During his live session on his instagram announced also that MENU is part of his special professional criteria:

Menu and Recipe Building

Me as a consultant for this particular task is none other than the most skilled and experienced chefs. These food gurus have spent a life traveling, studying global food trends and traditions, and immersing themselves in what is happening in the world today. Our chefs will collaborate with you to ensure that the recipes and menus you put forth are not only new and trendy but also interesting and considerate. Crafting a menu that is suited even to the likes of paleos, vegans, and fruitarians, our consultants make sure that you do not miss out on anything.

To reach out with Chef Mohamad Najem: +974 6603 0556

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