ReSoma360 Combines Powerful Cannabinoids For Maximum Effect

Hampton Green Brands LLC, a southern California based company has developed a unique brand of CBD (cannabidiol) products including tinctures, lotion, and a roll-on. Founded by a Registered Nurse with more than a decade of experience in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) who had first-hand knowledge of the result of traditional medicines on the body, she wanted to promote a healthier lifestyle and create products that would result in optimum 360-degree health for her customers. The name ReSoma360 is a play on the words Regarding the Soma(Latin for body) 360 health.

The unique aspect of ReSoma360 is that in addition to leveraging the power of CBD the manufacturers of the ReSoma360 brand also infuses the strength and health benefits of CBG (cannabigerol) which produces a much more potent force in fighting the impediments to having improved health. Research shows that CBG is the big brother of CBD and THC. Although a lesser-known cannabinoid, Cannabis Advocates believe that this lesser-known cannabinoid has the potential to be even more effective than CBD for anxiety and chronic pain.

ReSoma360 does not offer a CBD Gummy due to its high sugar content recognizing that many customers that wisely use this non-traditional and all-natural alternative often suffer from other comorbidities where increased sugar intake would result in adverse health. ReSoma360 offers both a 1500mg and 900mg tincture, infused with CBG to deliver a much more effective product and enhance the experience for their users. ReSoma360 also offers a CBD+CBG Infused Body Lotion with 500mg of CBD and 125mg of CBG. To complete its product offering, the brand offers a Pain Relief Roll-on with the similar combination of 500mg CBD and 125mg CBG.

Early reviews of these products have been impressive with customers expressing their likeness for the peppermint flavor of the 1500mg tincture along with the subtle orange flavor of the 900mg tincture. The lotion and roll-on have also received good reviews from users who describe the lotion as “a balm that truly helps to quickly relieves tensions and pain”. The roll-on is described as “ideal for zeroing on certain nagging pain points and administering the right amount of the ingredients to bring speedy relief”.

ReSoma360 appreciates the various experiences and background of their customers. Our products are not only for persons who have been dealing with chronic pain but persons whose jobs require them to stand for long shifts, many who suffer from ongoing and incidental pain, anxiety, migraines, etc. In the words of the CEO, Sonia Bryan, “if you experience situations where you take over the counter pain medication, it may be best to get ReSoma360 products as these will not cause any lasting negative effects on your liver or other organs. Because of the all-natural composition of our products, there is neither a short nor long list of side effects”.

The ReSoma360 Brand of products are sold directly on the company’s website,, through Brand Ambassadors and authorized retail partners.

Disclaimer: The products are compliant with the 2018 farm bill.

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