Requirements for storage conditions of polyacrylamide

Only through recognizing the packaging and shipping conditions of polyacrylamide and the storage requirements during storage, can it be used normally within the proper shelf life and avoid the substance from being contaminated with damp or caking due to improper storage. There are two types of solid polyacrylamide: powder and granule. They are wrapped in polyethylene sacks or iron barrels coated with polyethylene layers that are moisture-proof. As the solid powder has a heavy absorption of moisture, it must be sealed in order to avoid exposure to excessive humidity. In order not to impact the next usage result, the polyacrylamide used after opening should be sealed in time.In an ordinary environment, polyacrylamide is stable and can be stored for more than one year. Improper storage will greatly shorten the storage time (shorter shelf life).


The storage time of the polyacrylamide emulsion form is comparatively limited, under sealed conditions contained in iron barrels or casks, the storage duration should be approximately 4-6 months, completely stirred in operation, the storage temperature should not be greater than 32 degrees Celsius and below 0 degrees Celsius.

After becoming polluted with moisture, polyacrylamide can become blocky. Once the moisture has been affected, it can be used up with time. If it is severely impaired by moisture, the impact of usage will be affected or the flocculation effect will be lost directly.

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