Repair and Maintenance of Garage Doors Boosts Home Security and Visual Appeal

In Canada, 3.5 million homes have an attached garage, which is over half of single-family homes in the country.

In Canada, 3.5 million homes have an attached garage, which is over half of single-family homes in the country. Given that Health Canada have also warned of the potentially high level of pollutants within garages, there is a big reason for homeowners to take extra care with the maintenance and security of their garages.

A major part of this is the garage door. As an obvious key method of security and ventilation, modern garage doors now come in a variety of materials and feature increasingly sophisticated technology, including in their opening mechanisms. But such sophistication requires the right level of expert maintenance and care.

“As with any part of a house, it is vital to address any faults or damage to garage doors as soon as possible,” said a spokesperson for Canada Garage Doors, a maintenance and installation service. “Homeowners often store valuable items in a garage – most notably their vehicles – so a solid, reliable garage door plays a major role in home security.

“While garage doors play an important functional role, they also have a valid part to play in the aesthetics of the home. Given their size and usual position at the front of a house, garage doors can take up the majority of the visual space at the front of a home, so a tattered and broken garage door that is clearly in bad condition is also going to make the house quite unappealing to look at.”

The popularity of garages remains high among homeowners, according to surveys by the Canadian Home Builders’ Association. A two-car garage was rated among the top ten assets prized by the 12,000 homebuyers who were surveyed. A quality garage door has also been consistently found to add considerable value to a home, with the 2019 Cost vs. Value report estimating the added worth to a home from a garage door replacement is around $3,500.

“The value attached to a garage makes proper maintenance even more important, as it’s often one of the first things a prospective homebuyer will notice,” added the spokesperson. “We’ve seen the full range of faults that can develop in a garage door, and have repaired anything from a dented, cracked door panel to a broken spring or the door itself coming off the tracks.

“In some cases, parts may need to be replaced. It’s a common occurrence for garage door openers, as older models aren’t usually as robust compared to newer models, which tend to be more technologically advanced too.”

The team at Canada Garage Doors can also install new garage doors from scratch, but nowadays homeowners have an increasingly wider range of options and possibilities. As well as the traditional wood, growing demand for weather-proof doors means that materials like steel, fiberglass, vinyl and aluminium have come into play – as have extra features such as insulation and energy-saving glazing.

“Durability is important for garage doors because of the nature of their use,” added the spokesperson. “Garages are exposed to pollutants, such as chemicals and exhaust fumes, and are likely to be opened and shut numerous times a day. Then there are the extremes of Canadian weather – cold, heat and heavy rain can all take a heavy toll on the condition of garage doors.”

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