Reolink Argus Has Surpassed Its Crowdfunding Goal at Indiegogo in One Day, Definitely Becoming a Top Pick

Reolink Argus Surpassed Its $20,000+ Crowdfunding Goal in One Day, Listing in “Top Picks” in Indiegogo and Topping Its Recommended Home Gadget List.

The crowdfunding campaign for Reolink Argus recently launched on March 28th, 2017 at Indiegogo, has quickly attracted a lot of attention and exceeded its fundraising goal in just one day!

The initial goal of crowdfunding for Reolink Argus, the world’s first 100% wire-free weatherproof 1080p Full HD security camera, was $25,000, which was easily surpassed. 855 backers contributed $112,063 to the fundraising project, with 26 days left to go. This makes Reolink Argus one of most successfully funded campaigns, ranking FIRST in “Home” category at Indiegogo and being the TOP CHOICE of Indiegogo editors.

“These days the Reolink team has seen hard work to ensure everything goes fine with the whole project, like software/hardware design, trial production, and prototype testing. And we’re thrilled to see customers worldwide are as excited about Reolink Argus as we are. We met a milestone this morning, again! It’s really remarkable!” Said Pam Cheung, the Reolink crowdfunding campaign organizer.

The Reolink team also shared their gratitude in a letter to all supporters:

“Thanks to all of our early adopters! Our Super Early Bird perks are sold out and we have surpassed our $25,000 goal! BIG THANKS to all of you for supporting our campaign and helping is reach our goal in just 1 day!”

“We are excited to announce that mass production of Reolink Argus has started! And we’d love your help to continue to spread the word about the campaign to your family and friends. We’ll keep you updated through Facebook and Twitter. Let’s keep the momentum going!” Said Pam.

Now the perks for early bird (up to 24% off), and for Super Adopters (28% discount) are available at the homepage of Reolink Argus crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo.

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Reolink, a leading provider of home security products and camera solutions, has been dedicating to delivering advanced and high-quality consumers security cameras/system and reliable solutions for home and business. The products range from PoE security cameras/system, wireless security cameras/systems, to wire-free battery-powered security cameras, which are widely used in home surveillance, business surveillance, baby monitoring and etc. Reolink products are available and sold worldwide, providing video surveillance and protection for millions of homes and families.

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