‘Re-Member Yourself’ by Christopher Felton is a Journey into the “Innerverse” to Motivate, Inspire and Record Personal Growth

January 17th, 2018 – A radically new approach to handling adversity and challenges of life by author Christopher Felton is now out and is unlike any other. “Re-Member Yourself: A healing journey through your ‘Innerverse’” is a self-help journal that lets readers actually record and monitor their thoughts and changes as they bring themselves out into a new world.

Literature on personal growth and motivation abounds, and there are too many gurus and healers today who dish out advice at the drop of a hat. Christopher Felton, a former Maryland State Trooper, intends to change the game with his new self-help workbook that anyone can understand and apply in their life.

“Re-Member Yourself: A healing journey through your ‘Innerverse’” is interactive and progressive, and actually metamorphosizes into a literary, improved version of the READER. The Journal section, alone, is like no other journal, as it is specifically formatted to help the reader learn from and correct negative thinking, bring meaning to their daily life, and help them find a purpose in each day, and even prepare them to optimize tomorrow.

“I dare you to find a better book for personal growth and motivation!” says an anonymous reader.

The self-help journal hits the stands just at the right time, as nowhere else will the reader find a book that is as powerful. The intended audience for the book includes those who tend to be depressed and pessimistic, but without knowing why, those who find life meaningless and without purpose and are looking for clarification, or those who simply wish to bring more order and balance in their lives.

“Christopher Felton has a gift of unraveling the tangled ball of yarn that complicates this earth experience. I love the fact that it’s formatted in a journal style which lets you record and monitor your thoughts and changes as you grow…. I guarantee this book will become a valuable life tool that you will continue to use on your journey of self discovery and exploring your “Innerverse”,” says a recent reader review.

Christopher Felton is a former Maryland State Trooper, a dynamic cook, and today works with his wife. He is a laudable poet, former Writer/Editor of the controversial Blog called, “The Weekly Spark”, and has been featured in “Her Times” magazine publication. His earlier work includes “Cipher’s Den”.

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