BIGTIME3 Makes a Splash with ‘Moving On’ Soaring High on Billboard Dance Chart

January 17th, 2018 – BIGTIME3, the young DJ group from New York City, has tasted its first big success with the single ‘Moving On’ soaring high on the Billboard Dance chart. Released on August 29, 2017, the track debuted at #49 and peaked at #26 in the week of December 30, 2017. To celebrate its success, BIGTIME3 will be soon announcing its tour dates, as well as lining up new releases such as ‘DM’ and Dead Weight.

BIGTIME3 is as energetic as music can get. After performing at NYC clubs such as Webster Hall and Marquee, the team collaborated with SpikedGrin to create ‘Moving On’, which was released by record label 418 and carried remixes by artists such as Stonebridge and Dragos. The group comprises three artists, Matthew, Vinny and the third space occupied by any artist who wishes to showcase their talent.

“BIGTIME3 grabs peoples’ attention and makes them listen and we wanted to have that impression with that word,” say Matthew and Vinny.

‘Moving On’ was composed in 2016, when the DJ group was grappling with their own issues, and decided to write them down and create a new track. The artists came up with a poppy catchy sound that was easy to sing along, with a cool house sound.

Performing for over ten years for private and corporate events, BIGTIME3 is the exclusive act at the exclusive Marty’s Lounge at the Villa Roma Resort. The DJ group is popular for retro as well as house bangers, incorporating a wild style, high energy mixes and musical surprises for the fans. The DJ’s are in demand for popular genres such as Electronic Dance Music, EDM, Dance Music, Electronic Music, and Trap.

BIGTIME3 is living up to its sport inspired name, and are ready to create bigger splashes in 2018. The group will have more shows in NYC, more new tracks and are expected to do a festival as well.

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