Recruiting-tech Company Lensa Evaluating Jobseeker’s Soft Skills Using a Workstyle Game to Match them With Employers

As employment opportunities continue to shrink, job seekers are flooding job boards with endless applications. The COVID-19 crisis has further created a notable negative impact on recruitment processes while increasing the competition in an already tight labor market. In the struggle of mismatch between job vacancies and job seekers, recruitment-tech company, Lensa, has significantly enhanced the resilience of job seekers during the ensuing recession by deploying result-driven technology solutions to match professionals and job seekers with job openings. Acutely aware of the troubles that job seekers are facing, Lensa has focused on enabling job seekers to synchronize their job search strategies, job preferences, and career choices with their working styles using advanced AI-based solutions in the form of a Workstyle Game.

Lensa’s Workstyle Game takes complex measurements of how job seekers play and matches them to employers or job opportunities based on how they played. Job seekers play a game that involves moving nodes around a screen with the aim of reaching a specific object. The game takes up to 400 measurements each second about how a person is playing. The measurements are not mainly focused on how well the person did, but how the person played. For instance, how often the person touched the mouse pad, if the person gave up midway through the game, if the person made multiple attempts, and if the person learned along the way. 

In other words, the point is not so much whether the person playing solved the game but how the person goes about the game. In the end, a job seeker will get a brief description of his/her results, describing him/her as one of seven different archetypes. Additionally, job seekers can assess their soft skills after playing the game – e.g. the person’s problem solving strategy, how well the person can focus, and how the person approaches complex problems. On the other hand, employers get a snapshot of the candidate, and information about the candidate’s soft and hard skills based on the candidate’s resume. The information produced by the game is valuable to the job seeker in the sense that a job seeker can use the information to add more value to his/her resume and help the system find the most suitable job for him/her.

While most online recruitment platforms are solely focused on a single aspect of a job seeker’s goals, Lensa makes every effort to holistically meet job seekers’ needs. Their platform is relevant and instantly links professionals to different job opportunities. It also eliminates the challenges of conventional job processes that are often fraught with uncertainty and lack of adequate responses from recruiters due to mismatch of the job seekers’ profiles. Lensa’s CEO Gergo Vari stated that “we all know how difficult and frustrating it can be when hunting for a job. Most of the time people feel confused, annoyed, and frustrated. This is the reason we created Lensa, to give job seekers a helping hand in finding a way out of a seemingly fruitless search.

As a product of machine learning and helping candidates get their dream job even in a tight job market, Lensa’s platform evaluates candidate’s strengths, skill sets, resume, as well as career preferences before linking them to job openings. With the use of powerful AI technologies to pre-evaluate profiles, these thrilling developments present fair and suitable opportunities for each job seeker by removing unconscious biases by hiring managers and employers. The conspicuous use of AI-based games further helps to evaluate candidates’ problem solving skills, working styles, and professional strengths to successfully improve their odds of matching the profiles with prospective employers.

The system also keeps learning as it goes. For instance, it might find that a lot of good salespeople at say tech companies are artists, or are not artists, depending on the person playing the game and getting a description of them. Companies can use the system to find candidates with similar or different characteristics to their departments. The best thing about Lensa’s Workplay game is that it takes only 8 minutes to complete the entire game.

There’s no denying that Lensa’s Workplay game is a real game changer in the recruitment-tech market. It demonstrates that Lensa is a true pioneer in machine learning, predictive analytics, and natural language processing. According to the company’s CEO, Gergo Vari, More Workplay games are under development and possibly they could be niche games. That means if your company wants to have more creative people in a certain department they could use a game that specifically measures creativity.”

About Lensa

Lensa was started with an objective to provide the fairest recruitment process to every party involved in the job hunt. This is probably the only job-matching platform that makes sense in the post-pandemic era. Based on the concepts of predictive analytics, Lensa aims to disinter and assess the strongest suites of an applicant whilst matching them to the exact requirements of the recruiters.Lensa is not about just filling up forms and sending in applications. Lensa takes your job application to a new level by assessing you and matching you based on your skills and expertise. Visit their site to learn more about Lensa.

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