Rays Flexible Blockchain creates a transparent management structure

The blockchain theme is not a new anymore. Now attention vector is shifted to a corporate blockchain. What is attractive about blockchain for corporate clients? Security and decentralization. The technology involves recording transactions in blocks, achieving one goal. The probability of hacking the system is minimized because each block is encrypted using a hash function and any changes in its code are visible.

The system is decentralized and consists of computing nodes. Client’s computer taking the nod’s role, which solves a certain task of verification, as well as the transfer of transactions. In this case, the node receives a copy of the blockchain. Each node is considered as an independent administrator. Therefore, there is no single control center in the system.

If considering blockchain from the side of corporations, essentially it is a technology that can change the usual way of the documentation process. Moreover, the system itself is an independent product. This blockchain technology involves the processing of transactions by certain companies and decision-makers with special keys. This limits the ability to read information. As a result, companies increase control over the system, making it more controlled.

The main profit using corporate blockchain is the neutralizing of the human factor. Thus, any risks of errors or fraudulent actions are excluded.

Rays will be useful for the corporative customers because it is Flexible Blockchain network. It may switch between General and Enterprise users. It provides secure and private blockchain for industries using the customized-Delegated Proof-of-Stake or C-DPoS. This is the fastest, most flexible, efficient and decentralized consensus model. Rays Flexible blockchain creates a transparent management structure that is adaptive and flexible which allows staying on a top of the trading market.

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