123Bricolage, the Master Source of All Things DIY, Completes One Year

Bavaria, Germany – October 22, 2018 – Over the past one year, 123Bricolage has earned a reputation as the most in-depth, objective and reliable source of information for DIY enthusiasts. The platform will soon celebrate its first anniversary on October 25, and DIYers of all types can look forward to more action, fun and learning on the site.

123Bricolage is a real immersion into the world of DIY practitioners. Whether sanders, drills, construction tools or painting, there is everything a DIY person, whether amateur or professional, could ask for. The site offers very in-dept reviews, tips, instructions, brand profiles and advice based on the rich experience of its team led by Martin Schwartz.

Do-it-yourself practitioners derive their motivation from many sources, but everyone needs tips, tricks and tutorials to make the work flawless and fun. 123Bricolage shares technical knowledge from its editorial team, and every article or post brings to light new facets, aspects or elements of knowledge related to DIY tools the reader will find relishing.

Everything we share carriers the fruits of learnings made by our team. We compile it into simple and clear articles, and keep a neutral and objective perspective. Our goal is to help beginners to excel in their DIY work but also to contribute to the enrichment of the technical knowledge of experienced DIYers,” says Martin Schwartz.

123Bricolage isn’t swayed by monetary gains or profits, and thus maintains its neutrality when it comes to brands related to DIY tools. Every post is thus a real value addition to the reader’s knowledge and skills. The guidance offered aims to make DIYers the master of their choice, and thus gives them all the choice criteria to make an intelligent purchase.

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