A Book That Teaches Every Woman How Writing Can Be A Good Source Of Healing

Austin, Texas – 27th January, 2018 – Dr.Karen Maxfield-Lunkin; visionary author and educational entrepreneur with years of experience as an educational leader, motivational speaker and advocate for social justice; is pleased to announce the official release of her new book titled “WRITE TO HEAL: SEVEN WOMEN, SEVEN TRIUMPHS”. The book, which is due to be released on the 26th of January, 2018 will be available for purchase online and in bookshops across the state.

“WRITE TO HEAL:  SEVEN WOMEN, SEVEN TRIUMPHS” is a book dedicated to all women that need to heal. It describes how writing can be used as “a peacekeeping anti-oxidant, which when released in the body demolishes the free radicals that cause painful emotions and memories, thereby boosting the body’s immune system to heal.” ~ Dr. Karen. The book contains contributions from other writers who describe their experiences and discover healing and forgiveness through their writing. “WRITE TO HEAL is not meant to follow the happily-ever-after storyline and scenario prominent in today’s pop culture: but rather, it is a process whereby a writer grapples with and makes sense of the painful circumstances that shapes who we are,” said Dr. Karen Maxfield-Lunkin in her introduction section of the book.

The seven-chapter book is written by the seven co-authors, each writer using the Write2Heal process of critical self-reflection; sharing seven different life issues with painful memories and emotional trauma.  The writers tell the stories at varying levels in the Write2Heal process – each one finding triumph in the trials and gaining personal growth – whether unfolding or complete.  The book, according to the writer shows to power of the pen when it is used to address those areas which are typically difficult to deal with, let alone discuss.

“WRITE TO HEAL” is an intimate and interactive book that will not only activate the reader’s faith, but also heal the body by boosting the immune system. For more information about the book, send mail to writetoheal2017@gmail.com or Bridgeucation88@gmail.com


Dr. Karen Maxfield-Lunkin is an educational entrepreneur and visionary author. She has over twenty-five years of experience as an educational advocate, professor, school principal, parent coach, mentor and a teacher. She is a guest lecturer at a University in Texas, the founder of BridgeUcation Creative Consulting Group and also someone that involves herself in numerous community initiatives.

Dr. Karen is a woman of God who believes so much in the power of prayer. Her belief and passion for the power of healing through writing has been a source of inspiration to her and countless others with whom she has worked. She is happily married to her husband Michael of 29 years and their union is blessed with three grown children. She currently resides in Austin, Texas with her family and feisty, little rescue Yorkie named Prince Robi.

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