CyberByte’s Mac Antivirus And Internet Security Software Awarded OPSWAT Security Certification

BUCHAREST, ROMANIA – January 27th, 2018 – CyberByte announced today that its product, the Mac Antivirus and Internet Security Software is now an OPSWAT Certified Security Application at the Bronze level for AntiMalware. As per OPSWAT, as per the Bronze level, the Mac Antivirus and Internet Security Software has been checked against lists of known rogue applications, scanned against multiple anti-malware engines that power Metadefender Cloud and detected at least 30% of threats after being tested against a set of known malware (minimum 100 different threats).

The Mac Antivirus and Internet Security Software is able to detect the latest Mac malware threats, provide malware analysis and incident response, while it also equips devices with an active protection shield which alerts users in the event they download a potential malware. With the newly awarded certification, CyberByte’s customers can now be ensured that their products are interoperable with leading network access solutions from vendors such as Cisco, Citrix, Pulse Secure and many others.

Speaking of the recent certification, Mr. Calin Popescu, CyberByte CEO, said that “Achieving the OPSWAT Certified Security Application at the Bronze level for AntiMalware is yet another excellent distinction for CyberByte’s Mac Antivirus and Internet Security Software, which is already the leading security solution of choice for CyberByte’s numerous high-profile clients.”

“We offer high quality services that have a key focus on the customer experience and stand by our commitment all times, to prioritizing “excellence as standard”. At CyberByte, we pledge to continue our efforts to create, and sustain, a safer cyberspace, where our clients, and Internet users as a whole, can operate safely, and free from intruder attacks.”

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About CyberByte

CyberByte is a Bucharest, Romania-based malware software and security solutions provider, offering services such as penetration testing, malware analysis, cyber threat intelligence, red team testing, incident response, digital forensics and the full spectrum of PCI DSS. However, we also practise strong security procedures from within our own organization. To make this possible, the company has developed a pragmatic approach to risk and security and compliance, supported by its dedication to exceptional customer service. CyberByte is among the choice companies certified by OSCP, OSCE, CeH, CREST, QSTM and Advanced Threat Methodology.

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OPSWAT is a San Francisco-based software company that provides solutions to secure and manage IT infrastructure. Founded in 2002, OPSWAT delivers solutions that provide manageability of endpoints and networks, and that help organizations protect against zero-day attacks by using multiple antivirus engine scanning and document sanitization.

OPSWAT’s intuitive applications and comprehensive development kits are deployed by SMB, enterprise and OEM customers to more than 100 million endpoints worldwide.

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About the OPSWAT Certified Security Application Program:

The OPSWAT Certified Security Application Program is a free compatibility certification program designed to enable partnerships between independent software vendors and leading network access control solutions. Certified products have reduced compatibility issues with all SSL VPN, NAC and other manageability solutions that employ OPSWAT’s OESIS Framework.

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