Quicken Announces Fundraising Campaign On Kickstarter For The NOSO Journal Project

Quicken launches Kickstarter campaign to finance The NOSO Journal, their first project.

Quicken, the Dublin-based collaborative, member-based business activation initiative, has announced that their campaign for raising funds is live on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter for their project The NOSO Journal. NOSO is an introduction to journaling for teenagers, created to offer all the benefits of journaling more easily accessible to help them grow. The collaborators on the project are Jannetje van Leeuwen and Marie-Anne van Leeuwen.

“We are delighted to announce the launch of The NOSO Journal, which can be the perfect gift for your digital teen,” says Jannetje van Leeuwen, the collaborator. “The Journal provides all the information that teenagers need to know about journaling and provides valuable information about its many benefits that can boost their confidence. Our aim is to inspire teenagers so that they can become responsible and confident citizens of tomorrow.”

NOSO Journal has been creatively named. It means Not On Social (Media). NOSO is the go-to place for teenagers when they unplug from the digital world where they spend up to nine hours a day on an average according to research.

Journaling brings to teenagers numerous psychological benefits. The customized teen journal can help in providing them a positive, meaningful and useful aid that can give their confidence and resilience a major boost during their years of growing into adults.

NOSO Journal offers a whole wide range of prompts and exercises that can help in nurturing the positive habits of journaling. It can also help in many psychological aspects of the development of teenagers such as creative expression, reflection, critical thinking and more.

NOSO offers a whole range of other benefits as well. It can help in unlocking and tapping into creativity that can let imaginations fly in teens and ensure that creativity flow skills are properly honed. It can help them understand the value and importance of setting goals and making progress while building their confidence through constructive self-reflection and improved self-awareness.

NOSO Journal makes teens aware that there is a physical, analogue space existing beyond the online world which needs to be explored as well. Importantly, the journal assists in developing clarity and focus by penning their thoughts and ideas. This can take them to a different mental space and stimulate their memory, focus, and attention.

Quicken sees the NOSO Journal as part of a wider movement that can help in achieving better living and clearer thinking. The aim is to provide teens with something that’s meaningful so that they can strike the right balance with their tech-filled social lives. The goal is to share life-changing benefits of journaling with teenagers.

The Kickstarter campaign has a pledged financial goal of $19659 with the deadline date of 18 November 2017 to achieve it.

About The NOSO Journal:

The NOSO Journal is an initiative by Quicken to introduce the delightful world of journaling to the teenagers of today who spend most of their time in the digital social media world. The Journal reveals the multiple benefits of journaling that can make an impact on their life positively and boost their confidence.

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