Eighty-Five-Year-Old Food Waste Prevention Advocate Launches Second Book in Two Months

LOS ANGELES, CA (December 11, 2017)Eighty-five-year-old Food Waste Prevention Advocate, Jean B. MacLeod, has unannounced the launch of her latest book, The Waste-Wise Gardener.  The book release comes hot on the heels of her last book, The Waste-Wise Kitchen Companion.

The Waste-Wise Gardener is a useful a-z guide brimming with practical ideas for creating a low-maintenance, eco-friendly garden. The author tackles such topics as water conservation and grey-water use, environmentally safe sprays, companion planting, and the importance of considering hardy native plants. Readers will learn valuable tips such as how to:

  • Choose low-maintenance plants to reduce gardening chores;
  • Conserve water effectively;
  • Control weeds and pests naturally;
  • Extend the lives of potted plants and cut flowers
  • Make gardening supplies for next to nothing
  • And more

MacLeod started gardening organically in the early 1960’s; however, like any budding gardener, she made a few mistakes along the way. She writes in her book: “A weeping willow was doomed from the start, a plant’s biodegradable container just didn’t biodegrade, and there were plant youngsters I killed with kindness. I should have known better.”

Discussing how the idea for the book came about, MacLeod explained: “Times have changed in the gardening world but the desire to enjoy our gardens has not changed. I wanted to show gardeners and those interested in gardening that we can have gardens that are sources of personal joy and fulfilment, gardens that relieve stress instead of create it, and that gardens can flourish without constant attention.”

With over 4 decades of gardening expertise, MacLeod shares gardening insight that can only be acquired from years of experience. Through her tips and advice, both the beginner and seasoned gardener will learn how to become a more resourceful, economical and a waste conscious gardener.

The Waste-Wise Gardener is available in paperback format on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and independent bookstores. For further information visit: https://jeanbmacleod.com.

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