Quality Shipping from the United States to Canada – Guaranteed 24 hour Delivery Service

Roadlinx has the trailers, trucks, mobile warehousing units, and intermodal containers which permit the most expedient of delivery services to domestic and international customers in a cost efficient manner throughout North America and around the world.

Roadlinx uses dry vans for shipping because they are the most cost-efficient and convenient for shipping the majority of goods and equipment.  Roadlinx has the most expert designed dry vans for easier loading, and cost efficient options when shipping goods that do not require any temperature controls.  As well, multiple shipments for different shippers can be done in this manner and the costs can be split accordingly to save money.

Roadlinx offers expedited shipping services for both domestic and international shipments, making Roadlinx the one stop shop for all your shipping needs.  The regular turnaround time for a shipment is 2-days, however, with expedited shipping; Roadlinx can get the job done in half the time.  The way this is done is to put two expert drivers behind the wheel, ensuring a non-stop transport of your goods are delivered within a 24 hour timeframe.  By using two drivers in one vehicle, this eliminates the need to transfer goods to another truck, which saves on transport and delivery time. The use of two drivers also allows 24 hour driving while ensuring the safety of the drivers by allowing one driver to rest while the other drives.

The Intermodal containers used for shipping provides the shipping of your items in an encased, sturdy container which allows for rigorous shipping conditions while protecting your goods in the process of transport.

Roadlinx has a superior logistics team which handles the many shipping details concerned with the process of long distance or multiple transportation modes.

Roadlinx offers both FTL and LTL (Full and Less than full) truck load options, which make intermodal and international transport available to both small and big businesses.   Roadlinx believes in the way to expand a customer base is to offer various shipping options to companies of a variety of sizes.

By using a trusted network of providers, Roadlinx ensures customers have more options available to meet their shipping needs.  If you are interested in Roadlinx specialty shipping and intermodal options call 905-760-1141 to learn more about those options available.

Roadlinx offers expedited shipment via land, air, and ocean delivery options; whichever is the quicker route is the one of choice.

About Roadlinx:

Roadlinx proudly provides Toronto with transportation services while creating a safe, reliable and cost-effective transport service for Canada and the United States.

Roadlinx hires only the best brokers, drivers, and technicians in order to keep the promise of being able to deliver goods in the most efficient manner possible.

If you are interested in how Roadlinx can help with your transportation and delivery needs, call or email Roadlinx at the above phone number, you can also fax or email Roadlinx for more information; and one of our reliable technicians will assist you within the guaranteed 24 hour response time of receiving your request.

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