Ontario Container Transport (OCT) offering Warehouse and Distribution Solutions

Shipping Container Transport

Ontario Container Transport (OCT) shipping experts will work with you from the planning stages all the way until final delivery of your product, every step of the way.

OCT provides container shipping, trucking freight systems, rail/air/ocean shipping, warehouse distribution and other shipping services as needed.

Container shipping provided by OCT is something that one can rely on as being the best.  OCT shipping places a high worth on their customer’s time and money, offering a variety of shipping container service features as way to maximize resources.  Benefits of using OCT shipping include:

  • A detailed real-time tracking so you know exactly where your shipment is at all times.
  • Packages are packed according to all legal and safety requirements
  • The use of heavy duty flatbed for hauling large equipment
  • Expert packing, unpacking and crating services used
  • Delivery and pick up times are accurate
  • Have a direct contact with drivers at all times
  • Controlled temperatures in trucks available if needed
  • Warehouse storage available if needed

As one can see by the services provided by OCT, it is obvious that OCT takes customer service to the next level.

Container shipping makes it possible to transport a lot of goods and products safely and quickly. OCT does container shipping as a FTL (full truck load) or LTL (less than truckload) to accommodate distribution of large or small businesses products.  When shipping LTL, the costs of shipment can be shared with other companies which can be cost-effective for smaller businesses.   You can call OCT and speak with a logistics team member to find out more information about FTL and LTL shipping options.

If you need your product delivered now and to be received within the next 24 hours; you can request OCT’s expedited delivery options.  A shipment in North America normally takes 2 days; however, with expedited delivery that time can be cut to 24 hours.  The way this is done is OCT has a team of two drivers in the truck, which allows for continuous driving.  One driver rests while the other drives, this way the product gets delivered in half the time, and the drivers are doing it safely in the process of producing expedited delivery.

OCT also offers local deliveries within the Ontario area, as well as other local areas within North America.  Local services are essential in keeping a city running smoothly, and OCT realizes this.  OCT’s local delivery services include: door-to-door services, expedited services, multiple stops, and money saving services.

About OCT:

Ontario Container Transport (OCT) goes above and beyond in the area of freight shipment and is committed to customer service and providing a widespread list of services to all customers.  No matter how large or small the project, OCT aims to provide all the warehouse, shipping, freight, and moving solutions to each customer that comes to OCT for assistance. 

Call 905-695-1501 today and one of our dedicated professionals will walk you through the process of getting your products ready for shipment.

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