QLab Unveils Fun Religion – A Mesmerizing Fusion of Funk, Disco, and House that Redefines the Underground Music Scene

Sicily, Italy – QLab, the dynamic musical trio known for pushing the boundaries of sound innovation, is set to launch their latest masterpiece, “Fun Religion.” This two-track single, meticulously crafted to ignite dancefloors worldwide, takes listeners on a rhythmic journey that effectively blends funk and disco with house tones reminiscent of the 2000s. With a renewed rhythmic structure that gives space to the unparalleled talents of Mrs. Hyman, “Fun Religion” is a captivating tribute to the old and the new.

The Resonance of “Fun Religion”

“Fun Religion” is more than just music; it’s an auditory revelation that showcases the genius of Nick Morris, Joe Addicted, and Dave Scott. Each track in this two-track single serves as a testament to the artistic vision that has defined QLab as a groundbreaking musical enterprise in the heart of Sicily, where tradition meets contemporary invention.

Fun Religion: This track, the eponymous centerpiece of the single, is a rhythmic escalation that will have you grooving to the beat from start to finish. QLab’s unique blend of funk and disco, expertly interwoven with house tones, harks back to the dancefloor glory of the 2000s. The track’s revitalized structure opens up the stage for Mrs. Hyman, adding a new dimension to the already electrifying experience.

Disco Hi!: “Disco Hi!” is a captivating journey through the heart of disco culture, featuring an effective and percussive groove, warmed by a refined and inviting hook. This track is a tribute to summer, but it still fit for all seasosns with an old school flavor, a reminder of the euphoria that only a true disco gem can evoke.

Meet the Visionaries Behind QLab

QLab comprises three visionary musicians, each contributing their unique talents to the project:

Nick Morris (Nello Nicita): QLab’s art director, hailing from Messina, Sicily, Nick Morris has a musical career spanning over three decades, marked by countless collaborations and productions. His dedication to music research shines through in every performance, creating a unique and immersive listening experience.

Joe Addicted (Giuseppe Acunzo): Co-founding the Phunkedelix team in 2004, Joe Addicted is a sound engineer and DJ with 15 years of experience. His sets are a captivating blend of past and present, drawing inspiration from diverse genres.

Dave Scott (David La Maestra): The creative force behind QLab’s distinctive sound, Dave Scott, boasts two decades of DJing and impressive vocal prowess. His soulful performances add an emotional depth to every set.

QLab’s Unique Ethos

At the core of QLab’s ethos is a profound appreciation for diverse musical genres, with a focus on deep house, new disco, lo-fi house, and jackin’ house. Their music finds a home in both digital platforms like Spotify and Traxsource, as well as within their personal vinyl collections. QLab has proudly represented Italy and earned recognition and support from esteemed artists, radio stations, and publications worldwide.

“Fun Religion” is a testament to QLab’s guiding principles of “elegance and research,” evident in every composition. QLab invites you to embark on a musical journey that pushes the boundaries of sonic innovation, where every track is an ode to the underground, drawing inspiration from disco, jazz, funk, lo-fi, and new wave.

Join the Journey

“Fun Religion” by QLab is set to be a musical revelation that will redefine your perception of underground music. Be prepared to groove, reminisce, and discover the uncharted territories of sound. This two-track single will be available on all major digital platforms, promising a mesmerizing listening experience.

About QLab

QLab is a groundbreaking musical enterprise hailing from Sicily, Italy, comprised of three visionary musicians – Nick Morris, Joe Addicted, and Dave Scott. They specialize in pushing the boundaries of sound innovation, with a focus on deep house, new disco, lo-fi house, and jackin’ house. QLab’s music is a seamless blend of the old and the new, offering a unique listening experience for music enthusiasts worldwide.

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