“Put More Life Into Your Life: How Ordinary People Can Live Extraordinary Lives” By Lorna A. Bartlette

10-10-10 Publishing is pleased to announce the release of Put More Life Into Your Life: How Ordinary People Can Live Extraordinary Lives. New York Times Top Ten Bestselling Author Raymond Aaron said, “If you don’t understand how to squeeze more juice from life by the time you finish reading the book, you aren’t paying attention!”

The author, Lorna A. Bartlette, long ago decided she wasn’t going to accept a mundane existence, so she leveraged her successful corporate career into investment properties and an entrepreneurial lifestyle that allowed her to build a peaceful retreat in the U.S. Virgin Islands, where she spends her days in zestful living. Now, she shares how she transformed herself and her life.

 Based on actual experiences, Lorna’s book is a blueprint for injecting new energy and experiences into your daily existence, regardless of your station in life. Whether you want to kick your emotional and mental baggage to the curb, quit your job, change to a career you love, travel the world, or pursue peace, beauty, and enlightenment, Lorna can provide useful insights for creating a more extraordinary life than you imagine.

For more information, to purchase a copy of Put More Life Into Your Life, or to book a stay at her Virgin Islands getaway,contact Lorna at lorna@putmorelife.com or visit her website at putmorelife.com

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