M3lleo launches “M3lleo Universe Podcast” and announces the upcoming album “M3lleo Freestyle 3.0” for April 25, 2024

De’Shone Rammell Brown, known as M3lleo, is a figure who combines the roles of an entrepreneur, athlete, motivational speaker, and musician with a distinctive approach. Based in Charlotte, NC, Brown has recently announced the launch of the “M3lleo Universe Podcast” and is preparing for the release of his new album, “M3lleo Freestyle 3.0,” scheduled for April 25, 2024.

The creation of M3lleo as a brand reflects Brown’s journey through significant personal challenges, notably the loss of his mother in 2016. This event prompted him to seek solace and expression through music, leading to the establishment of Underrated Records and his entrance into the music scene. His forthcoming album, “M3lleo Freestyle 3.0,” aims to showcase his growth as an artist, offering insights into his early life challenges while highlighting his lyrical improvements.

The “M3lleo Universe Podcast” serves as a platform for discussing significant life questions and sharing wisdom on overcoming life’s obstacles. Brown uses his life experiences to engage with his audience, aiming to inspire people globally through his discussions and music.


His work spans various areas, including GTW Fitness, where he promotes health, dedication, and commitment, reflecting his personal beliefs in hard work and self-improvement. Brown’s background as an entrepreneur and motivational speaker adds depth to his music, making his messages resonate more with his audience.

Starting from humble beginnings with Underrated Records, Brown’s path was marked by self-taught lessons in finance, business, and personal growth. He emphasizes the importance of surrounding oneself with like-minded individuals to foster personal and professional development. His music is a reflection of his life’s trials and tribulations, aiming to connect with listeners who may find comfort and motivation in his words.

As “M3lleo Freestyle 3.0” nears its release, there is a sense of anticipation for Brown’s music’s new directions. His story and career are notable for their focus on self-expression, resilience, and the pursuit of success on his terms. Brown’s approach to music and life encourages others to pursue their goals with determination and creativity.

Brown’s efforts extend beyond music to influencing others through his fitness initiative and public speaking, emphasizing the power of a positive mindset and perseverance. His narrative of overcoming adversity to pursue his passions is a recurring theme in his work, offering hope and inspiration to those facing their challenges. The launch of his podcast and upcoming album represents another chapter in Brown’s career, highlighting his commitment to personal and artistic growth. 

As he moves forward, his work continues to inspire those around him, proving that dedication and a clear vision can lead to meaningful achievements. Brown’s story is a reminder of the importance of pursuing one’s passions, regardless of the obstacles that may arise.

Visit the official website https://www.m3lleo.com/ to learn more. 

Watch the M3lleo Universe Podcast on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@m3lleouniversepodcast.

Stream music by M3lleo on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, etc. and follow him across social media: https://linktr.ee/m3lleogotflava

“M3lleo Freestyling 3.0” Album


About M3lleo:

M3lleo, by De’Shone Rammell Brown, stands at the intersection of music, fitness, and motivational speaking. Operating out of Charlotte, NC, the brand encapsulates a journey of personal growth, resilience, and creativity through its diverse offerings. With a commitment to inspiring others, M3lleo continues to expand its reach through innovative projects such as the “M3lleo Universe Podcast” and engaging music productions.

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