Professor and Academic Expert Releases Book, “Children: Biblical and Ethical Teaching”

“Children: Biblical and Ethical Teaching” is a book authored by Dr. E. G. Sherman. The book is a collection of biblical and children’s literature put together by the author to instill biblical facts and ethical principles in growing children. 

The neglect of Biblical teachings at school and the increased exposure of children to various types of media and content has left an important gap of exposure to biblical and ethical training, hindering the development of well-rounded adults. With the aim to fill this gap, Dr. E.G. Sherman has brought out important Biblical precepts and values from literature in his latest work, “Children: Biblical and Ethical Teaching.”

The book is a compilation of 36 topics (used in the Children Altar Call in the church where Eugene is a pastor). Each topic is a page in length compiled from the Bible and children’s literature to ingrain biblical and ethical principles in children. The work is a valuable resource for a home collection of biblical resources. Additionally, members of the clergy will find it useful to gain insights for short talks and even exploring topics for sermons”.

Following the recent breakdown in values and ethics, a lot can be related to a lack of training from a tender age. This book is focused on equipping children with what they need to lead better lives. Churches and schools are encouraged to use this book in lectures and seminars. It can also be used for Ole Back Yard Bible study. Eugene’s aim is to persuade, not proselytize. 

E. G. Sherman, Jr., PhD. has earned three doctorate degrees. He is professor emeritus of Sociology, History, and Philosophy from Albany State University (GA), former Vice President for Academic Affairs at Bethany Divinity College and Seminary, Dothan, Alabama, and founding pastor of Institutional First Baptist Church, Albany, Georgia. He is a published author of five books and is currently working on the sixth manuscript titled “Beyond the fear of death”.

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