Profacgen Unveils Protein Conjugation Services to Facilitate The Detection and Purification of Desired Protein

New York – Jan 28th, 2019 – Profacgen, as a state-of-the-art protein service provider, recently launches professional protein conjugation service. This edition brings with comprehensive protein labeling techniques and reagents to help researchers progress the detection and purification of the desired protein, thereby, facilitating the tracking of protein expression, localization, interaction etc.

With years of experience in protein reagents and antibody integration, Profacgen can offer high quality, efficient and cost-effective solutions that are highly customizable to meet the assay needs. Our protein conjugation services include fluorophores, biotin, HRP, agarose beads or magnetic beads. Among them, Profacgen provides protein conjugation services on beads for protein purification, precipitation, cell separation, immunoassay, etc. Superparamagnetic beads can quickly accumulate in a magnetic field, meanwhile, they can help disperse separation after leaving the magnetic field. Compared with the traditional separation method, the magnetic beads can separate and enrich the biochemical complex components at the same time. At present, Profacgen can support protein conjugation service with several beads offered which including streptavidin magPoly meads and magSilica beads.

With the development of fluorophore bioconjugation technology, it has achieved target visualization and rapid detection of proteins which makes it become a major tool in the biological sciences. Most commonly, an amine reactive fluorophore such as an NHS ester is used to react with a free amine present at the N-terminus or lysine side chain of the target protein to produce a stable covalent bond. Recent developments in bioconjugation chemistry have made it possible to target the amino acid side other than lysine. With years of experience in protein chemistry, Profacgen is proud to offer a customer-focused solution with the latest protein-fluorophore bioconjugate technology in order to satisfy diverse needs.

Besides, Profacgen has developed a variety of in vitro protein biotinylation methods to best suits the scientists’ needs. Our in vitro protein biotinylation platform provides simple and effective biotin labeling without altering the biological activity of the target protein. The common method for protein biotinylation is the thiol chemical reaction with primary amine groups and target proteins. So far, we can perform protein activity testing services for biotinylated proteins with advanced protein analysis platform, moreover, the state-of-the-art technology and skilled technicians ensure biotinylation efficiency and protein activity retention.

‘To accelerate the development of protein expression and detection, we focus on offering various protein conjugation service,’ Said Ellen Burns, the marketing director of Profacgen, ‘ Except for the above-mentioned services, Profacgen also is able to offer protein/peptide crosslinking service, PEGylation products and services as well as quantum dot labeling etc. with in-house experts and years of experience.’

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Founded in 2005, Profacgen provides scientists with custom protein services in the biological sciences to satisfy the needs in both research and industrial scale. Profacgen is a well-recognized protein industry leader with more than 10 years experiences and serves for the research requirements of our customers worldwide.

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