Hunan Machinery Inc. enjoins Americans to fund gold-plated steel star for trump in Hollywood

President Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame has faced unprecedented issues. The star continues to face frequent issues from people while the stars are left intact. Collins Israel of Hunan Machinery Inc. seeks to replace the star with something that is more durable and befitting i.e. a gold-plated steel Hollywood star. This star will not crumble under the jackhammers or pickaxes that vandals will use on it.

If anyone goes into the Hollywood Walk of Fame and destroys Trump’s star, such person makes a statement about his or her values and every time these things are left to slide, bad precedents are being set. As everyone knows, Trump’s agenda comes first and yet, symbols matter too. To an average Americans with Trump agenda in his heart, this star should matter too. Therefore, all the good efforts towards replacing this star will send a bold message to anyone who thinks about threatening the president or his supporters!

To actualize this dream right now, an Indiegogo campaign to help raise the funds that are needed to purchase a gold-plated steel Hollywood star for Trump and then install it on the Hollywood Walk of Fame has been set up. Also, to show appreciation to the people that support the campaign, a special limited-edition Trump Loyalty Pendant will be offered to all those who support this initiative. Plated in gold or silver, these pendants will serve as a daily reminder to them just how much they support the president!

In addition to making a monetary contribution, People can help by sharing a link to the campaign on their social media handles like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media platforms. The more people are aware of this campaign, the smoother the effort to install Trump’s new star will go. Every support, time, monetary and other things donated towards achieving this goal is greatly appreciated. It’s time to support the great president! Anyone willing to donate to this cause should please go to

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