Production Begins for Season 1 of Lindsey Anderson’s New Web Reality Series “Follow My Launch”

Production Begins for Season 1 of Lindsey Anderson’s New Web Reality Series "Follow My Launch"

Lindsey Anderson, Host of Follow My Launch
Watch and Learn How to Launch a Coaching Business from Start to Finish!

PORTLAND, OR – It all starts with the launch. All that hard work, dedication, and planning have led to this first, critical moment. Will it be enough?

Entrepreneurs and coaches everywhere ask themselves that question when the big moment arrives, but until they see those final numbers, they won’t know for sure. While there’s no catch-all blueprint that works for everyone, it’s nigh impossible to get a peek behind the curtain for online launches, and because of that, it’s hard to learn lessons without taking massive risks.

Thankfully, all of that is about to change. Lindsey Anderson, the number one expert in helping coaches build and monetize their online coaching empires, is producing and hosting Follow My Launch, a brand new online web reality show to help give aspiring entrepreneurs a look at what it takes to launch a successful online business.

For season 1 of Follow My Launch, Lindsey will be using her years of experience to help emerging entrepreneurs follow their dreams and achieve their goals. Follow My Launch is “edutainment” at its finest, giving viewers a stark, unflinching look at what it takes to launch a successful online business. Lindsey will be guiding three lucky participants along their entrepreneurial journeys, showing them—and those watching at home—what differentiates a successful launch from a dud.

What makes Lindsey different? She tells it like it is. “If you’re in the online coaching space or the information space, as you scroll through social media, you’ll see ads that say things like, ‘Make a million bazillion dollars online! It’s so easy! All you have to do is download my program, or take my course, and I’ll show you the secrets to making your dreams a reality.’ Guess what?” she says. “There is no special coaching program, there is no special course, and there are no secrets for being successful!”

She knows from firsthand experience that building successful businesses takes hard work, dedication, practical strategies, and all the steps from A to Z to really get things done—and she wants to help the Follow My Launch participants through all of them. “Nobody goes from a two-person launch to a multi-million-dollar launch without all the steps in between,” she says.

Over the past 15 years, Lindsey Anderson has been the go-to expert in online business theory, marketing tactics, and mindset coaching. Her acclaimed Build And Monetize Masters Program draws from her experience as a natural-born entrepreneur and has made incredible differences in the lives of hundreds of coaches and consultants all over the world.

Typically, Lindsey’s services cost between $20,000 and $25,000, but for Follow My Launch, the three lucky finalists for season 1 will be able to reap the benefits of her experience and services for free. In return, business coach Nicole Heylmun, grief coach Zeena Regis, and mindset coach Jennie Ritchie simply have to open up, share their stories, and allow their coming journeys to be documented in order to help entrepreneurs just like them. Viewers will watch these three coaches put in the work they need, experience the highs and lows of launching a business, and learn what it takes to pull off a six-figure launch.

With these finalists chosen, season 1 production for Follow My Launch has begun in earnest with an estimated premiere date of early- to mid-March 2021.

For more information on this ground-breaking series and to get signed up for updates, check out the Follow My Launch website, follow the official Follow My Launch Instagram, and subscribe to the official Follow My Launch YouTube channel.

For more on Lindsey, visit her website.

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