Post Success with 15 E-Commerce Stores, Business and Fitness Coach Ethan Ban Aims to Create 1,000 More Online Entrepreneurs

It is no mean task to build 15 e-commerce stores and generate a six-figure revenue every month. That’s what Ethan Ban, a 23 years old high school dropout armed with nothing more than an iPhone, is up to. Ethan Ban is what every Ecommerce dream is made of, and he is not yet quitting. 

Ethan remembers the day when, at 17 years of age, he sat alone in the school library, without any friends, working on his phone selling fitness programs. The maverick inside him was just waking up. Ethan realized his prowess when it comes to motivating others to reach their goals, whether in online selling. Doing what he does best, Ethan is today living out his dream.

“Success hasn’t come easy to me, and so I don’t tell others shortcuts either. There are no shortcuts, and one has to get one’s hands dirty and sweat it out before the grand day comes with a fat paycheck. Until then, keep moving,” says Ethan.

Ethan plans to help 1,000 people set up their e-commerce stores by the end of 2022. He is determined to do that no matter what, and given his past record, this goal isn’t too far away. Helping over 100 entrepreneurs with revenue earning online stores has given him a foundation to build upon.

The strike of the pandemic has made online ventures the hottest area, with every entrepreneur and existing business taking online in several ways to get leads and make sales. Ethan is that entrepreneur who has stood on the ground, gone through the rigors and found the goals he had been looking for. This makes him a well-rounded personality, a seasoned professional who can’t go wrong, unless everyone else is.

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