Portuguese Pro Wrestler Cory Machado Is On A Mission To Fight Hunger

In the world of professional wrestling, there are those who captivate us with their athletic prowess, larger-than-life personas, and ability to entertain. But amidst the spectacle and grandeur, some individuals use their platform to impact the world around them positively. One such individual is Portuguese pro wrestler Cory Machado, whose story is as awe-inspiring as his in-ring performances.

Cory’s journey is deeply rooted in his adoration for his great-grandfather, a man who shared with him his passion for pro wrestling and lucha libre. They would spend countless hours watching matches, analyzing moves, and engaging in spirited discussions about their favorite wrestlers. It was a bond that transcended generations, a connection that left an indelible mark on Cory’s heart.

Tragically, Cory’s great-grandfather passed away before he could fulfill his promise of taking him to his first live wrestling event. The loss was profound, but rather than succumbing to grief, Cory decided to honor his great-grandfather’s memory in a remarkable way. He stepped into the wrestling ring, carrying the spirit of his beloved relative with him, and dedicated himself to making a difference both inside and outside the squared circle.

Cory’s first step towards honoring his great-grandfather’s memory was to use his position as a professional wrestler to shed light on the issue of hunger in the world. Recognizing that millions of families face food insecurity every day, he partnered with local food banks to actively fight against this pressing issue. Through his tireless efforts, he has donated thousands of meals to families in need, bringing hope and sustenance to those who need it most.

Working with food banks has become an integral part of Cory’s mission. He spends his time off from wrestling, engaging with communities, raising awareness about hunger, and organizing events to gather resources and funds for those in need. By leveraging his popularity and influence, he has inspired others to join the cause, creating a ripple effect of compassion that extends far beyond the wrestling ring.

But it is not just his philanthropic endeavors that make Cory stand out; it is his unwavering dedication to his craft and his ability to honor his great grandfather’s legacy with every match he wrestles. Stepping into the ring, he embodies the spirit of the legends who came before him, channeling their passion, strength, and resilience. Each time he dons his wrestling gear, he carries the memory of his great-grandfather, ensuring that his love for the sport lives on through him.


Cory Machado proves that wrestling when fueled by purpose and driven by compassion, can transcend mere entertainment. He has transformed his passion into a force for good, using his platform to fight hunger and uplift those in need. In doing so, he has become an inspiration not only to aspiring wrestlers but also to anyone yearning to make a difference in the world.

As we witness Cory’s journey, we are reminded that honoring our loved ones and leaving a positive impact on the world can be achieved through dedication, resilience, and a deep-rooted belief in the power of kindness. Cory Machado is a beacon of hope, a symbol of what can be achieved when we combine our passions with a genuine desire to make a difference. His great grandfather’s spirit lives on in his heart and the countless lives he touches through his philanthropic efforts.

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