Manessah Samone from NBC’s The Voice Joins “These Fukken Feelings” Podcast

Attention! These Fukken Feelings podcast fans. You’re in for one of the best and most impactful shows ever—Manessah Samone from NBC’s The Voice joins us for an evening of soul-soothing inspiration!

To say that Manessah Samone has a soulful voice is an understatement. It’s trumped only by her inspirational spirit. She pulls from her personal tragedies along with her authentic storytelling and faith-driven talent. She creates the perfect synergy for the ‘These Fukken Feelings’ podcast.

Micah Bravery, Rebecca Seeley, and producer Crystal Davis host the ‘These Fukken Feelings’ podcast. Together, they create a powerful personal growth platform. More than simple advice, the podcast provides a perspective that you can carry with you. “People like Manessah Samone cause upgrades in the lives of our listeners. We like that, and we wouldn’t deliver less.”

The podcast spokesperson added.” We help people with every facet of life that’s important to them. But we do it strategically and hunt for the right people at the right time to meet the needs of our audience.”

“Here, we hit the jackpot. I mean, we strive to do better with every guest, and we love them all. Manessah Samone is a diamond. You could turn on her music in another room and let it play through your house. It’s like a blessing on it. Manessah knows how to turn her pain into power.”

“She’s an authentic storyteller, with a big difference. We know from our experience that the right influence can be very moving. With her, you won’t just see and hear–but feel the inspiration. If she can go through what she did and transmute negative emotions — so can you. That’s what we want for our audience.”

“So many of our listeners are stuck in a life where they feel like they can’t move forward. Today, it’s more important than ever to have role models that have done the work. The actual work, and not with much help. There are some things you have to do internally that no one can do for you. We need more physical embodiments of this and Manessah is it!”

Crystal Davis, ‘These Fukken Feelings’ Producer added “We are over the moon about Manessah Samone as a guest. We think it’ll be one of the most replayed podcasts we’ve done. She had to endure a blow to her ego by being rejected from The Voice playoffs once before.  She had the guts to do it again and achieved success.”

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