“PlayYourCourt” is making tennis fun and affordable for everyone

The tennis market is a multi-billion-dollar industry that has long been dominated by the rich. Most new players want to join a country club to start, but memberships can be costly and challenging. For the most part, you’ll need to be sponsored by an existing member to be admitted, and even then, there’s no assurance you’ll be allowed in. The majority of clubs’ waitlist has been long since the COVID spike in tennis participation. In particular, the cost of joining a tennis club is unreasonably high in high-density urban locations. Even if you can afford a club, joining doesn’t ensure that you’ll receive good coaching or have practice partners who are on par with you. PlayYourCourt steps in to help with that.

PlayYourCourt mainly does Tennis, Lessons, Practice and Matches, and Video Coaching. With practice partners, matches, lessons, and more available for less than $8 a month, PlayYourCourt is upending the tennis industry. More than 2500 certified mobile tennis teachers will travel to your local court for lessons, and PlayYourCourt has over 30,000 active members in its community.

To eliminate the myth that wealthy people only play tennis, Scott Baxter, CEO and Founder of PlayYourCourt, introduced this company. “At PlayYourCourt, our mission is to make tennis more accessible. We provide players with an inviting and inclusive community where they can access everything they need to learn and improve their game at a price that anyone can afford. We have a unique opportunity to grow the sport in a way no one else can.” They say.

PlayYourCourt provides fantastic benefits to its members. You will find the perfect coach for your specific tennis goals; PlayYourCourt will find the best tennis instructor. You can play whenever you want because PlayYourCourt works with your schedule, so tennis may fit into your busy life. And most importantly the lessons are only a few minutes away on a nearby court. 

“l am so glad I found PlayYourCourt; my instructor Richard is Fabulous! I was a newbie to tennis and knew nothing, but after taking lessons, I now play in a beginner league. Coach Rich has really inspired me to take my game to another level.” Juanita Morning, Atlanta, GA, says about her experience with PlayYourCourt. “My work schedule makes it difficult to commit to team play on weekends. With PYC, I’ve had some great matches and met several players who have become good tennis buddies.” Scott Mackie Woodstock, GA, says.

Whether you’re a beginner starting or a seasoned player looking to improve, PlayYourCourt can help you reach your tennis goals. To learn more about PlayYourCourt and what they’re doing to grow the sport of tennis, visit their website, https://www.playyourcourt.com/

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