AsiaVerify Provides Verification of Entities Under UBO Regulatory Legislation

Singapore, Singapore – Dec 20, 2022 – January and February are prime months for hiring new employees and establishing new contracts with other entities. It’s essential that companies verify the people they hire and businesses with which they conduct commerce before they enter into agreements. AsiaVerify is the leading information verification agency in the APAC region, providing real-time verification.

In a global economy, an international workforce, and new opportunities arising every day, it’s critical for any company to know that the businesses and people with which they work are maintaining compliance with all applicable requirements. AsiaVerify provides automated, simplified and streamlined solutions for UBO, KYB and KYC risk management and compliance. With AsiaVerify’s extensive repository and resources, pertinent information can be verified instantly on employees, businesses, beneficial ownerships, and consumers.

Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO) legislation was put in place to provide clarity for banks and corporations. It requires that entities know the specifics of the companies with which they conduct business. The legislation is designed to prevent fraud and to identify suspicious activity for institutions subject to anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing regulations.

Verification can be an extremely difficult process. The services available at AsiaVerify ensure quick and reliable verification in real-time of more than 344 million companies, key personnel and registration data. The company offers a multi-lingual platform that can be integrated into a client’s own system.

Corporations are expected to perform company due diligence in all of their hiring practices, business transactions, and relevant financial records before engaging in commerce. AsiaVerify provides clients with automatic translations of all the necessary documentation.

With the busiest months for hiring and new business contracts fast approaching, verifying a beneficial owner is a high consideration. AsiaVerify has the ability for any company to perform due diligence and obtain the data needed for onboarding personnel, determining business ownership, and ascertaining financials to protect themselves and make informed business decisions.

About AsiaVerify

AsiaVerify (UNSD Information Technology Pte Ltd), is a RegTech company offering instant verification service enable users to streamline workflow for Know Your Business (KYB), Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO), Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML) as well as addressing other compliance challenges.

Via direct access to company registries, in real-time, users can reach over 344 million business data across Asia Pacific. 

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