Pirate Chain Migration Essential To Prevent Loss Of Assets

11 February, 2019 – In order to prevent a loss of assets, an important Pirate update now requires all holders to convert their coins to a sapling address. Time is of the essence and action must be taken immediately if one has not done so already.

If you have not touched your ARRR for several weeks and months, you must take action immediately to protect your assets. Failure to take prompt action may render your coins worthless as of 15th February 2019 as a result of an update to the main platform.

If you have already migrated your coins to Sapling, you do not need to take any further action at this time. However, if you are reading words like Sprout, Sapling, Deadline, zs-addresses and migration for the first time, or are unfamiliar with the recent update and need to migrate, please read below for more information.

In December 2018, a major update for Pirate was initiated, which in some capacities resembles a fork. That was it, too, except that there was no new coin, but the funds had to move from zc addresses to zs addresses. Zc addresses were the old sprout addresses, while zs addresses are the new sapling addresses. As of 15 February 2019, all addresses in Sprout (zc-addresses) will worthless unless users migrate their existing coins.

However, all owners of ARRR still need to become active by 15th February 2019. Everyone must migrate their ARRR from their sprout address to a newly generated sapling address.The easiest and most convenient way is via the migration tool that does the migration for you, though there are several other ways to migrate your ARRR in Sprout to Sapling.

For assistance or more information, join the Pirate.Black Discord channel at Pirate.Black/Discord. People are standing by ready to assist and to answer any questions you may have. Time is of the essence.

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