5rand5 is a Unique Crowdfunding and Charity Pay It Forward Randomizer that helps Charities in the United States

5rand5 is a new charity driven crowdfunding site that encourages a charitable contribution and a pay it forward random donation to a previous site donor using CashApp. They accept donations of $5.00 to be given to charities that they support, and provide a random queue for their site visitors to receive $5.00 donations from others. 

5rand5 is here to help US based tax exempt 501(c)3 charitable organizations that are dedicated to making lives better for people that are suffering in the country. In return for helping the brand’s platform donate to these organizations, 5rand5 wants to have people helping others with small amounts at random into their peer-peer payment accounts. All it takes is a one-time $10.00 donation, split into two separate payments to add yourself to the 5rand5 queue. Payments sent to 5rand5 will be dispersed to their featured charities 4 times per year.

Once you send your donations to 5rand5 and the random Cashtag recipient, you will be added to website queue for the current campaign which is from January 1, 2019 to April 12, 2019. There is a maximum amount of Cashtags that will be added to this campaign.

“We are growing as over 300 people have already donated to be added to the random queue. This is a safer, more anonymous way to assist people using CashApp as opposed to adding their cashtags on social media websites for donations,” says site creator Lisa Johnverrell.

5rand5 operates so people will have a better opportunity of receiving at least one $5.00 donation daily. Some people have reported receiving as much as $40.00 in one day after being added to the 5rand5 queue. You may donate more than once to add yourself to the queue as many times as you like. It will take up to 24 hours for 5rand5 to add your name to the queue after you have sent the donations and the screencap. They may verify that your Cashtag recipient received the donation if your screenshot is questionable.

At 5rand5, their goal is to help charities that directly affect the struggles of homelessness and poverty, particularly the organizations that help families with children. The 5rand5 queue was started to specifically earn money to donate to organizations such as the United Way and the Salvation Army, who house and feed the homeless during their time of need.

5rand5 will also help rapid rehousing organizations with donations for application fees, rental security deposits and utilities to assist homeless families with children obtain permanent housing. This includes the growing number of single fathers that are left to care for one or more of their children.

If you’re ready to help and join the queue, use your CashApp to send $5.00 to $5rand5 and send another $5.00 to the random Cashtag on the homepage. Finally, take a screenshot of the CashApp transaction and send to 5rand5 with your Cashtag and email address using the form. 5rand5 will contact you by email when you have been added to the homepage queue.

For more information, please visit: https://5rand5.com or send an email to support@5rand5.com

Media Contact
Company Name: 5rand5 Organization
Contact Person: Lisa Johnverrell
Email: Send Email
Phone: 678-258-5860
Country: United States
Website: https://5rand5.com