Philly Recovery Residence Opens Addiction Treatment Home in Philadelphia

Philly Recovery Residence a Philadelphia-based organization which specialize in the treatment of Heroin addiction is proud to announce the opening of an addiction treatment home. The organization has now opened a Sober Living Home in Philadelphia with the aim to help those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction to recover.

The US and a couple of other countries are in the grips of the heroin epidemic as more people get addicted to the substance. Heroin is fast becoming the number 1 killer in the United States and it is time to combat this menace.  Parents who have children suffering from drug addiction now have a realistic and practical alternative out there to help their kids find sobriety. 

The Sober Living Home in Philadelphia allows individuals to develop the necessary tools and skills they need to build a foundation for long term recovery. Abstaining from drugs and alcohol addiction is only the beginning. Many significant changes in all aspects of an individual’s life are required in order to maintain long term sobriety. 

According to Daniel Fey, representative of the Philly Recovery Residence organization, “In this atmosphere of structure and support, you are able to escape from the grips of addiction and alcoholism. Your perception of yourself and your life will change drastically, and you will be able to find a new purpose in life.”

Philly Recovery Residence also assists in treatment placement for individuals still needing rehabilitation. Prior to entering Philly Recovery Residences, they require the individual to be abstinent from all mind or mood-altering substances. However, if the individual is currently in active addiction, he can still be helped. The organization works with many different treatment facilities and can assist in finding them the best treatment center to suit each individual’s need.

Philly Recovery Residence has an alcohol addiction helpline that is open 24/7 to assist all who need help from addiction.

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