Mark Fassy Starts Indiegogo Campaign To Raise Funds for Alzheimer’s Protocol Care Facility In Palm Beach County, FL

Mark Fassy launches campaign on Indiegogo for Alzheimer protocol facility funding.

Mark Fassy, an award-winning architect with a family that had an Alzheimer-affected person, has announced the starting of a fundraiser campaign on Indiegogo for the Alzheimer protocol facility. The disease is growing at a pretty alarming rate and will double in around 20 years according to research.

“I am developing a special facility that can provide care to those afflicted by Alzheimer’s/Dementia, says Mark Fassy while elaborating on his latest project. “Alzheimer’s cannot be cured but there are medications that can help in better management of the condition. I am aiming to develop a residential facility specifically designed for the care of those that affected by Alzheimer’s/Dementia by making use of the active new protocols available for care and treatment of the condition.”

Mark’s grandfather died of Alzheimer’s when Mark was young. His parents found him miles away from home, frozen as he could not remember the way back home from a routine walk. The disease can devastate not only the patient but also the affected family as the person they loved so much simply starts disappearing because they keep forgetting things and tasks.

Mark wanted to do something that can help people suffering from dementia. He spent time researching the scientific data and the most recent methods available for treatment and care of the condition. Mark also discovered the terrifying truth that the disease is growing faster than any other sector and there are limited medications available which can, at best slow down the progression of the condition.

Mark has designed a state-of-the-art facility that can improve quality of life of Alzheimer’s affected patients and also prolong their lifespan through specific programs and protocols. He is working with leading physicians specializing in treating this disease to create a facility in Palm Beach County, FL. It can operate independent of the grid and has its own PV system that generates ample power. The uniquely designed water cistern system provides the potable water that the facility needs for many months.

The facility has also been carefully designed to withstand hurricane winds of up to 200 mph. The building has been designated as a place of refuge for its various unique facilities. The staff working here is specially trained to take care of the special needs of the residents. All these, combined with the care and compassion provided by the staff is truly unique.

Mark says that there are numerous development programs and processes in the pipeline and pulling it off will not be possible with help from others. For the application for funding, they must raise $175,000 which is what they aiming for on Indiegogo. There are about 20 days left for the deadline within which this goal must be achieved.

About Alzheimer’s Protocol Care Facility:

Alzheimer’s Protocol Care Facility is a unique care center designed and developed by award-winning architect Mark Fassy. He wants this facility to provide the best possible care and facilities to those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. It has power, water, and food to take care of those staying there for many months.

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