Pest control raises the notice blooding sucking bed bugs during travel

“Professionals practice Integrated Pest Management, which includes a combination of treatment methods such as steam heat, freezing and pesticides, which are selected and applied carefully according to factors that are present with the infestation.”
Data to support that hostels have a higher incidence of bed bugs.To get rid of bed bugs in the home,apartment,hotel or school dorm, hiring a professional exterminator is recommended. Seattle requires their Bed bugs control service pros to be licensed, but be sure to ask how long any contractor or company has been in business and if have dealt with a bed bug infestation. Experience with ants, termites or beetles isn’t the same bed bugs present a unique challenge for any exterminator.

What are Bedbugs:

Bed bugs are blood thirsty pests that feed entirely on both human and animal blood.The little vampires can be health hazards through bites which can cause skin rashes and in some cases allergic reactions. Bedbugs create stress that may build up to psychological distress. The bugs like to eat at night when people are asleep and totally unaware that the bedbugs are biting. If there is a suspicion that there is bed bug Infestation in the home then the homeowner may need a Pest Control Exterminator.

What do bed bugs look like:

When looking closely the bedbugs are tan, deep brown or burnt orange. Just after molting most of them are plain white. The bed bugs molt up to five times leaving the casings behind. After the pests have fed on human blood a dark red or black blob can be seen within the body. To get a more precise description go to the Internet and pull up pictures. This is the best step to take as it is beneficial to submit a picture or two to a pest control business to positively identify the bedbug.

Do bed bugs prefer filthy living spaces:

Bedbugs will be anywhere people are. Because the blood eating pests like to feed on human blood while asleep the ideal place to find it is in beds. Examples of sites would be hotels, motels, homes and apartments that are most susceptible. But just to give a wider scope of locations to find bed bugs the list is endless. Such as in schools, public transportation, airlines, offices, restaurants, gyms and cruise ships. Bed bugs don’t pick places based on cleanliness or people’s hygienic habits. It’s the human blood the bedbugs want and need. Pest Eliminators will verify this information.

Are bed bugs dangerous and when do the pests feed:

Bed bugs like to feed on the humans while sleeping and inject a small amount of saliva into the host’s skin. The more the bugs dine an individual, over a period of several weeks, the more sensitized that person becomes to it’s saliva. The bites are similar to mosquito or flea bites. Making it very crucial to identify exactly what the pests truly are. Active time for a bed bug to eat is about one hour before sunrise. However, that’s not to say it won’t eat at any other time if the opportunity arises The pets do prefer nighttime and dislike the sunlight. A bed bug Infestation is serious and more than likely overwhelming. It’s getting closer to the time that a professional bed bug control expert should be called in to get rid
of the problem.

How do bed bugs get into the house?

Bed bugs may catch a ride on luggage, purses, backpacks and tote bag after trips taken. New or used furniture and bedding. Think carefully before buying used stuff. Other people visiting the home may be unaware that the bedbugs are being brought in. Bedbugs are rampant in a Seattle and this homeowner did the right thing by submitting pictures to AMPM Exterminators to identify the bugs. It’s time to get an experienced technician in to get the job done.

First step to verifying the bedbug infestation:

Owner had access online and put keyword in to search for photos of bedbugs. The homeowner emailed pictures of the bug to AMPM Exterminators and gave a physical description of locations where the pests were in the house. The black stains on sheets was a huge clue. Because of the online search the owner found that adult bed bugs are reddish brown, flat and wingless. It’s color turns deep red after dining on a blood meal. The pests once engorged with blood gets bigger and no longer flat.

AMPM Exterminators.identified the Bed Bug Infestation:

Once the owner submitted emailed photos AMPM Exterminators confirmed the bed bug infestation. AMPM Exterminators technician called and went over the steps that would be taken to get ready for the bed bug exterminator service. The whole house needed to be vacuumed to get up the bed bugs as, well as the eggs. All mattresses would need to be vacuumed as well as bed frames. Baseboard and everything near the beds akso had to be vacuumed. Bed bugs love fabric furniture. After the vacuuming the bag had to be put in a plastic bag, sealed and put outside in the garbage immediately.

Do-it-yourselp bed bugs control includes Items to be washed and bagged:

Linens and clothing were to be washed in hot water and put in dryer for at least 20 minutes. It was suggested if possible to do laundry at a laundromat. Making sure to bag all pieces in plastic bags, sealed and marked washed.all of entire bedding and pillows had to be sealed in plastic bags. Using special made bed bug cover bags to put headboards and mattresses into and sealed. The specially made bags can be found at hardware stores. Get rid of clutter and throw out things that are not being used. Very important that the folks living in the home change the clothing say like in the bathroom. Doing laundry as soon as possible was highly recommended. Closets emptied and contents bagged. It is crucial that the protocol is followed precisely. If not then the pest control technician would have to start the entire process again.

Best in the Northwest was called to get rid of the bedbug infestation… AMPM Exterminators.

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