PatentReal Corp launches new emission-free biomass technology

Technology-driven solutions provider, PatentReal Corp., HK, launches the Biomass Ultima technology, a new emission-free biomass technology

PatentReal Corp is a technology-driven solutions provider that has made a name for itself thanks to its innovative solutions across different industries. The company recently took a giant step towards solving the energy problem faced by different countries in the world while keeping the earth clean and safe with the launch of a new emission-free biomass technology called the Biomass Ultima technology, which has been predicted to make Eastern Europe the provider of “the best solutions for green energy.”

Energy is definitely an important part of any economy as it practically drives other sectors of the economy. Over the years, different forms of energy have been produced and the subject of global warming has led to the development of sustainable energy. Biomass remains one of the commonest sources of energy production particularly in locations where forests are in abundance. However, this development has come with its own problems which include stench from drying chipped wood, a somewhat low level of efficiency, cinder creation, and wooden tar in the engine used for powering the electrical generator, lengthy repairs, high overall expenses and a large scale of heat production. Consequently, it has become a rather expensive source of energy. This is where PatentReal Corp., HK founded by Roberto Hroval is looking to make a difference.

Eastern Europe and Croatia to be precise looks to be the source of “the most advanced technology for production of electrical energy from biomass” as the Ultima technology aims to take the concept to a whole new level.

“This is the first project of this kind in Europe- even global- it is also a cornerstone for a very profitable production of electrical energy gained from wooden biomass and for the production of organic carbon. I estimate that this will bring changes to the methods of producing green energy in the future,” these are the words of Project manager and representative of investors in Croatia, Ing. Danijel Maric who rates this enterprise as revolutionary.

The Biomass Ultima is particularly unique as its by-product – organic carbon can be easily reprocessed into high-quality active carbon as well, which can be subsequently used both in agriculture and in medicine. The relative affordability and the solution is also a unique feature of the project.

PatentReal Corp is practically taking Croatia to the world with the project that started as far back as 2009 thanks to the visionary entrepreneur, Roberto Hroval, and his team of scientists and engineers that were poised with creating a technology that provides larger environment protection and economic efficiency.

Mr. Drazen Dragusica is the media person for PatentReal Corp., HK with over 4 decades of experience in the media. He was the editor, head of programme and marketing department at Hrvatski Radio-Osijek, chief editor at Radio Plus Osijek and Gradski Radio Osijek. He has been the CEO and owner of Claritas d.o.o. since 1993. He is also a moderator and facilitator of protocol activities for the largest companies in the region.

More information about Biomass Ultima and other innovative solutions from PatentReal Corp can be found on the website.

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PatentReal Corp is an innovative company founded by the serial entrepreneur and solution-oriented Roberto Hroval with the aim of providing innovative technology-driven solutions to the world. He decided at the young age of 29 to “try something really big,” which led to the founding of a private research institute in 2008.

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