Parting the Veil – A Virtual Reality Experience

Parting the Veil - A Virtual Reality Experience

Parting the Veil is a Virtual Reality experience like no other. The author Joy Nugent is perhaps best known for her three books: As Good as Goodbyes Get – a window into death and dying, My Way – one nurse’s passion for end of life and Parting the Veil – reflections on soul.

For thirty years as a private palliative care nurse Joy sat at the bedside of people who were dying or transitioning from this world to the unseen world. She was alarmed that education about this process is sadly missing in the traditional medical model where there is an emphasis on physiology and disease.

The virtual reality reminds people that they are made of the same material as the stars. It paints a cosmic picture of life and reminds the viewer that the human body is made up of trillions of cells, all held in balance by a delicate dance of chemical reactions. A person’s life force is the same life force present within all humans, animals, plants, and minerals. It connects us all. Like a spider’s web a tug in one corner affects the whole. For example, today’s injustice to black and indigenous people is felt all over the globe.

In this virtual reality life on earth is where we create, plan, and choose our thoughts and actions and have freewill. Each earthly experience is different and varies in length depending on the lessons a soul is here to learn. The soul travels from lifetime to lifetime and is given opportunities for growth and healing.

This is understood by many as the law of karma or becoming conscious. In esoteric philosophy the soul adopts a personality for a lifetime. The personality is made up of a physical body, a mental body, and an emotional body.

Florence Nightingale was not only a nurse but also the best educated woman of her time. She believed that the purpose of a lifetime was to come from imperfection to perfection and that it needed more than one lifetime to accomplish this.

During a lifetime, a soul is given many experiences. Emotional experiences include pain, anger, grief, rebellion, frustration, guilt, fear of death and the unknown. Positive experiences include love, gratitude, forgiveness and remembering universal laws and the lessons they agreed to before crossing the Styx or river of forgetfulness to be born.

In Greek mythology the three fates gave a soul about to be reborn choice, spun the thread of human life, and cut the thread. A soul may have chosen to work on their temper or learn to be kinder or to support other souls on their journey, be the best musician, sportsman or look after the earth or oceans.  The list is endless… When the work is done it is ‘time’ to graduate.

‘Graduation’ is a term for death coined by Dr Elisabeth Kubler-Ross the Swiss Psychiatrist who taught the world so much about death and dying. Death is not a state to be feared – just understood as the body which was our ‘car’ or ‘bike’ – dissolves back into the earth energy.

The script in the virtual reality reminds a person that as graduation approaches there is a reflection on the soul’s journey – the good, the uncomfortable, the fearful, the choices made that served and those that didn’t. The stronger the soul’s energy the brighter it will shine at graduation.

How easy it is for the soul to leave the body depends on the state of our mind and our emotions. Sometimes there are situations and action that need to be resolved before a peaceful death can occur. 

Dying is a process of being guided by the soul – it is more than a medical matter. There are many books written confirmed life after death and recording near-death experiences. These give comfort and education and could be of enormous benefit if promoted widely and from an early age.

The take home message of this Virtual Reality experience is that the soul never dies, and death is not to be feared!

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